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2013 game night

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Dominion (7:45)
# Robert Haschart (T)
# Demian Katz
#Sean Purcell #Shawn kiewel
== Dominion (7:45) ==
I did not bring this game, however if there is interest, there is a free online web-based version of the game that includes the base game as well as all of the expansion sets. To go this route those interested will need to have a laptop. I will be able to Teach both the rules of the game as well and the mechanics of playing the game using the web-interface.
Info for Dominion at Lunch. Go to Select play without logging in.
Enter a nickname starting with c4l_ and select the lobby : Secret Chamber - meeting up with friends and Enter Lobby
For the first game select card selection constraints:(add row)
change the From: drop down to 10 select cards with tag: set=base
Select one or two or three other c4l_nickname players and click Propose Game With
when it asks you to approve card selection, select yes.
During play it shows your cards and the cards available for purchase. Click the +3$ to enter the "buy phase" and purchase a card.
After you have purchased action cards they will appear in your hand, and you merely click them to play them, but be sure to play all actions you want to play before proceeding to the buy phase.
See you in the Secret Chamber at lunch - Bob Haschart rh9ec at virginia dot edu
If people want to play in a co-located manner, I'm located in the second row in from of the podium.
# Rob Dumas
# Shawn Kiewel (c4l_smkiewel)
# Sean Purcell (c4l_SeanPurcell)
# Bob Haschart (c4l_haschart)

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