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Code4Lib 2014 Conference Planning Volunteers

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Whatever Committee
= Code4Lib 2014 Committees =
If you are interested in helping out with a particular part of the Code4Lib 2014 conference, create an account on this wiki and sign-up for one or more of the groups below (called 'committees' for lack of a better term). Each committee should select a committee lead that will coordinate the activities of the committee and its work with the hosting site. Discussions of a non-sensitive nature should take place on the Code4LibCon mailing list for transparency and future reference. Please feel free to improve the summary statements for each of the committees. When adding your name, please indicate 'v' if you are a veteran on the committee so that we ensure committees are not made up entirely of newbies.
We hope to include at least one local person on each committee.
Need about 2 months to get books shipped to the conference location. So, efforts should aim to wrap up by say January 20, 2014.
* Kevin S. Clarke (O'ReillyManning) and general wrangling (nominated as lead)- no luck with books from Manning
* Michael B. Klein (Pragmatic) and winner-picker app
* Sarah Shealy (Packt) and general wrangling if/when needed - no luck with books from Packt
* Shaun Ellis (Rosenfeld Media and O'Reilly eBooks)
Current Status:
* O'Reilly is also offering a free ebook to all attendees. This is in the form of a printed voucher that should be bundled with the t-shirt and other swag. Shaun Ellis is responsible for the printing of the vouchers.
* Rosenfeld Media is shipping a number of giveaway titles directly to Tim McGeary a couple weeks before the conference.
* Pragmatic responds: "Thank you for thinking of us and contacting us again about providing give-away items. We are actually in the Raleigh area, and would be happy to coordinate a drop off of books for use as door prizes at the time of the conference." I will follow up with them closer to the conference date to coordinate a drop-off.
Shaun also mentioned that we have a prospectus this year that would be great to send along with our requests to the publishers. You can find it at:
== Keynote Speakers Committee ==
* Bret Davidson (NCSU)
* Jeff Campbell (UNC)
* Joyce Chapman (State Library of NC)
* Dre (NCSU)
* [[User:DataGazetteer|Peter Murray]] (LYRASIS)
== Onsite Volunteer Committee ==
* Kevin Beswick (NCSU)
* Yan Wang (NCCU)
* Kelly Leong (Duke)
* Dre (NCSU)
* Jason Raitz (NCSU)
== Pre-conference Committee ==
* Adam Constabaris (NCSU) -- nominated as lead
* Tim Shearer (UNC)
* Kevin Reiss (Princeton University) -- kr2 [at] princeton dot edu
== Program Committee ==
* Tom Johnson ( -- lead
* Kevin Beswick (NCSU)
* Ranti Junus (
* Roy Tennant (OCLC)
* Trevor Thornton (
* Lucas Mak (
* [[User:DataGazetteer|Peter Murray]] (LYRASIS)
* Tod Olson (tod at uchicago dot edu)
== Scholarships Committee ==
* Cory Lown (NCSU)
* Bohyun Kim (FIU)
* Santi Thompson (University of Houston)
* Sarah Shealy (
== Social Activities Committee ==
== Streaming Video Committee ==
 This As of 12-18-2013 this committee is responsible for working has been combined with local hosts to figure out what resources are available to enable video / streaming video for the conference. Work with local team to get solid AWifi/V estimates by late November 2013 to use for final budget. - Francis Kayiwa* Greg Klaiber - Media Resources Center, UNC Libraries, (klaiberg AT email DOT unc DOT edu)Electrical/IRC committee
== T-Shirt Committee ==
*Charlie Morris (NCSU) -- lead
*Josh Wilson, State Library of NC (joshwilsonnc at gmail)
== Voting Activities Committee ==
* Ranti Junus
== Wifi / Electrical / IRC / Streaming Video Committee==
This committee is responsible for working with local planners to ensure that wifi will be able to support the needs of the code4lib community, figuring out how much electrical will be needed and ensuring it is available, and making sure that the IRC will run smoothly at the conference. These folks may be called on during the conference to help CONCENTRA remedy problems that occur., in addition the committee is responsible to work with the local hosts to figure out the requirements for video / streaming video and work to get final A/V estimates by late November 2013 to use for the final budget
* [[User:highermath|Cary Gordon]],
* [[User:DataGazetteer|Peter Murray]], Peter.Murray@lyrasis.orgThis is a newly proposed committee* [[User:RileyChilds|Riley Childs]], * Francis Kayiwa* Greg Klaiber - Media Resources Center, UNC Libraries, (klaiberg AT email DOT unc DOT edu)* Jeff Campbell - UNC - CH
= Documentation =

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