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Code4Lib 2014 Conference Planning Volunteers

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Whatever Committee
Need about 2 months to get books shipped to the conference location. So, efforts should aim to wrap up by say January 20, 2014.
* Kevin S. Clarke (Manning) and general wrangling (nominated as lead)- no luck with books from Manning
* Michael B. Klein (Pragmatic) and winner-picker app
* Sarah Shealy (Packt) and general wrangling if/when needed- no luck with books from Packt
* Shaun Ellis (Rosenfeld Media and O'Reilly eBooks)
* O'Reilly is also offering a free ebook to all attendees. This is in the form of a printed voucher that should be bundled with the t-shirt and other swag. Shaun Ellis is responsible for the printing of the vouchers.
* Rosenfeld Media is shipping a number of giveaway titles directly to Tim McGeary a couple weeks before the conference.
* Pragmatic responds: "Thank you for thinking of us and contacting us again about providing give-away items. We are actually in the Raleigh area, and would be happy to coordinate a drop off of books for use as door prizes at the time of the conference." I will follow up with them closer to the conference date to coordinate a drop-off.
Shaun also mentioned that we have a prospectus this year that would be great to send along with our requests to the publishers. You can find it at:
* Kelly Leong (Duke)
* Dre (NCSU)
* Jason Raitz (NCSU)
== Pre-conference Committee ==
* Dre
* Ranti Junus
* [[User:LauraAkerman|Laura Akerman]],
== Wifi / Electrical / IRC / Streaming Video Committee==

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