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Summer 2019: Code4Lib Southeast @ North Carolina State University!forum/code4lib-se
== Upcoming Events ===== May 2019: Code4Lib Southeast @ North Carolina State University === Code4Lib Southeast 2019 will be hosted at the James B. Hunt Jr. Library at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC on Friday, May 31st, 2019. For more details, visit the [[Southeast 2019|Code4Lib Southeast 2019 page]] == Past Events == === Summer 2018: Code4Lib Southeast, July 27, 2018 ===Code4Lib [[Southeast 2018]] was hosted by the Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library in Atlanta, Georgia on July 27, 2018. Session slides, videos, tweets and more are available on the '''[[Southeast 2018 Schedule]]''' page. === Spring 2017: Code4Lib Southeast at Emory University Library, April 21, 2017 === Information about the event can be found at this link: '''[[Southeast_2017|Code4LibSE 2017 Emory Meeting]]''' We currently have documentation from the Spring 2017 event about how the conference was planned. This document is available to anyone and is available [ here]. * (Summer - Fall 2015 will be in Greenville, SC) - Cancelled* Winter-Spring 2015 will be at Tulane, New Orleans, Louisiana (primary contact: Phil Suda: - Cancelled === Spring 2015 Event: Code4LibSE Datathon ===
'''May 1, 1-5 PM'''<br />
* WOS, sci2 + network visualizations -- Cody Behles
* Depending on time: DPLA API, LODRefine (Linked Open Data Refine) & Open Authorities Reconciliation -- Christina Harlow
We'll then take a coffee and food break as needed. Some coffee, tea and local treats from Magpie's Bakery will be provided.
Please register below, and let us know if you are 1. able to share skills or 2. will be bringing your own data. Neither of these are required for attendance.
Questions or issues? Email Christina at == Future Events == Group discussions seem Travel information is being sent directly to show support for 2 code4lib southeast events / year, with the location and event type changing according to whomever in the region can host the meetingthose registered. If Ask Christina if you are interested in taking part as a host/organizer, you can start pondering when + where (wedidn'll collect t receive these in a first-come, first-serve list below in this group as people volunteer to host), then what exactly you'd like to offer. A couple of us are happy to help organize with the hosts as needed.  * Summer - Fall 2015 will be in Greenville, SC (Sarah Shealy contact)* Winter-Spring 2015 will be at the Woodruff LIbrary, Emory University, Atlanta Georgia (Laura Akerman)

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