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Conference Site Users: Goals and Interactions

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Added essential goals broken down by group
==Conference Organizers & Committees==
**Add/remove Build out the site**Create a suite of master templates for individual year conference pages**Edit page contentCreate persistent online collaborative spaces for private and confidential conversations and documents **Create Pages for Each Committee outlining duties, timeline, contacts and volunteers (self-sign up)**Collect feedback from potential conference-goers**Communication with different user groups (email lists to speakers, committees, etc.)
**Add/remove pagesMake crucial information changes quickly and easily**Edit page contentCollect time-sensitive feedback from conference-goers
**Add/remove pagesPost slides, video and any other related content for archive purposes**Edit page contentReview Feedback and pass on to future hosts**Review Site Use and Page Views
==Speakers (Keynote, Standard, Lightning Talks)==
**Submit Conference standard talk proposals
**View status of proposal
**Find info on time/date, location of event, conference and room setup (coffee, wifi, food), conference cost, hotel cost (wifi add'l cost?), transportation cost**Understand exactly how lightning talks will be organized and how submissions will occur**Keynote speakers will probably view the site for general info about what code4lib and the code4lib conference is exactly
**Update event/session information
**Sign Up for Lightning Talk**Know where lightning talks are being held and what the order is
**Add links, slides, content
**Not sure speakers need the site much post conference
==On-Site Volunteers==
**Understand how they can help and what jobs need to be done
**Sign up
**Schedule shifts
**Vote on speakers/presentations
**View final list of speakers and presentations
**Submit T-Shirt Designs
**Vote on T-Shirt Designs
**Complete all registration procedures
***Register for conference
***Watch recordings of presentations
***Get presentation slides
***Contact speakerspeakers***Tag Presentations
***Share presentation with others
**Provide Feedback
*** ... about what we could do better
*** ... about new business generated through conference
==Essential Goals==
*Conference Organizers & Committees
**Editing content quickly
**Add/change links
**Posting slides/video and/or related content
*Speakers (Keynote, Standard, Lightning Talks)
**Posting slides/video and/or related content - could be link to wiki
**Post avatars/photos (after voting)
**Submit proposals
***Users will need to vote on them
*On-site Volunteers
**Link to volunteer wiki
**Contact info for committee heads
**Help functionality
*On-site Attendees
**Links to registration
**Travel arrangements
**Food costs/menus
**Provide feedback
***Organizers will need a way to view and analyze the feedback
*Remote Attendees
**URL of live stream
**Instructions for plugins
**Find info on different levels of sponsorship
**Contact info for making a donation
**Info on representation/promotional materials
***Upload vector graphic of logo
**Find content from print prospectus

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