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NECode4Lib is dedicated to a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. We are using the Code4Lib 2015 Conference Code of Conduct that can be found at:
If an incident occurs, please use the following contact information:
Conference organizers: Matt Bernhardt 614-440-1859 (, or Jeremy Prevost 773-454-3391 (
MIT Police: 617-253-1212 or '100' from any MIT telephone.
Cambridge Police Sexual Assault Hotline: 617-349-3381. (Monitored Mon-Fri, detectives will respond to messages left during the weekend.) Cambridge Women's Center Help Line: 617-354-8807 (M-F 10am-8pm, Sat. 10am-3pm) Cambridge Checker Cab: 617-497-9000
==Programming Sign-up==
15-20 minutes talks.
# [ Metadata Enrichment and Maps] (Boston Public Library)[ (Slides)]
# Usability, Digital Content Strategy & LibGuides (Sharon Clapp, Central Connecticut State University)
# Using Omeka to Receive Data from Researchers and Author Metadata (Stephen Balogh and Andrew Battista, New York University)
# Using a script to reclassify a video collection (Steve McDonald / Tufts University)
# Displaying library hours using Google Spreadsheets and TabletopJS (Matt Bernhardt / MIT)
# Turning historical texts into data sources (even when they're in Russian) (Jeremy Guillette / Fung Library @ Harvard University) [ (Slides)]# Metadata Quality: Statistics from Digital Commonwealth on what matters in increasing a digital object's discoverability (Steven Anderson / Boston Public Library) [ (Slides)]# Systems & Applications Diagram (Julia Caffrey / Simmons College)# HTML based Digital Signs (Jeremy Prevost / MIT)
===Discussion Topics===
# Analytics across the Discovery Environment: trying to understand how patrons move between all these platforms libraries maintain (Matt Bernhardt / MIT)
# ArchivesSpace Customization & Development: If you're using ASpace and want to talk customization and development, I'd be interested! (Maura Carbone / Brandeis University)
===Collaborative Notes===
[ World-editable notes.] Sharing is caring!
===Friday, May 29===
A more [ detailed schedule] is also available.
* 9:00 am to 10:00am: Registration (light refreshments provided)

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