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2017 Code4Lib Midwest Meeting

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10:30-10:45 Break
11:00-12:00 Wrap-up| [ Notes]
==Programming Sign-up==
I can talk about this program and how we use optical musical recognition to make “playable” MP3 files for the tunes.
'''[ Digital Preservation at Loyola University Chicago]''' - Margaret Heller (and possibly others)Asmina Akram, Loyola University Chicago
We made the vended choice for digital preservation, but what does that actually mean in practice?
10 minutes
'''[ Library Website Redesign Panel Discussion]''' - Various
In 2016, several Chicago-area libraries redesigned their websites. This panel will discuss the different processes they went through and results.
'''[ Towards a Linked Data workflow]''' - Tod A. Olson, University of Chicago
The U. Chicago Library is experimenting with acting as a producer and consumer of linked data. I will discuss a pilot project involving centered around an existing collection of photographs.
'''Omeka to Scalar Transition''' - Matt Krc, Newberry Library
'''Computational Archival Science: Highlights from the 2016 CAS Workshop''' ([ Slides]) - Robert J. Sandusky, University of Illinois at Chicago
The workshop [ Computational Archival Science: Digital Records in the Age of Big Data] was held at the IEEE Big Data conference in Washington, D.C. in December 2016. This presentation will highlight some of the themes that emerged from the presentations, papers, posters, and discussions at the workshop. A related breakout session will allow code4lib Midwest attendees share what they're doing computationaly and what they need to scale up and improve accessibility, discoverability, and processing of archives and records. W, 20 minutes '''[ Partners in History]''' - Gayle Porter, Chicago State University
===Lightning Talks===
# What is needed to develop and move toward implementation of computational approaches to archival practice?
# What is computational provenance and do archives need it? (See [ Blockchain] and [ PROV])
Margaret Heller and Bob Sandusky. Here are the breakout session [ notes for Moving Toward the Computational Archive].
'''[ Building a site with Jekyll]'''

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