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Ian's slides
[[File:C4l north logo.png|thumbnail|Code4Lib North Logo]]
Welcome to the home of the Ontario/Canada chapter of [ Code4Lib]. Our aim is to create more opportunities for Code4Lib folks in the Ontario/Quebec/Manitoba/Northeast USA area to meet up in person.
==Code4Lib North: the NinthTenth. OCAD McMaster University . May 1030-1131, 20182019==
The 2018 2019 Code4Lib North meeting will be held at [ the OCADU Library Learning ZoneMcMaster Sherman Centre]. We'll begin each day at a suitable time, like 9:30 am.
122 St. Patrick Street, Level 1 (also accessible from 113 McCaul Street)<br />Toronto, ON<br />M5T 2X8<br /> [,+Toronto,+ON+M5T+2X8/@?q=43.653649262680900000,-79.3899546,18917828000000 Lewis & Ruth Sherman Centre for Digital Scholarship<br />Mills Memorial Library<br />1280 Main St.98zW.<br /data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x882b34cf3f118511:0x27d4ef7238e31a1e!2s122+St+Patrick+St>Hamilton,+Toronto,+ON+M5T+2X8!3b1!8m2!3d43.6535037!4d-79.3901536!3m4!1s0x882b34cf3f118511:0x27d4ef7238e31a1e!8m2!3d43.6535037!4d-79.3901536 mapL8S 4L6]
[ 59046220836 Registration is available through EventBrite]Eventbrite.]
We will be observing the Code4Lib [ Code of Conduct].
''Subject to change''
{| border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" class="wikitable"
! Thursday May 30
! Friday May 31
| 10:00-10:30
| Doors open, coffee/snacks
| Doors open, coffee/snacks
| 10:30-12:00
| Opening Remarks 10
Learning R for data analysis with the Ontario Sunshine List dataset (John F.) 15
Building a successful documentation initiative (Kaitlin N.) [[ Slides]] 15
''Morning break ''
Quick tricks to make your images look good (Thomas G.) 10
| Day 1 Hackfest/Discussion Recaps 10
Beyond Alt-Text: Trends in Online Accessibility (Ian F.) [[ Slides]] 45
Why Vue.JS (Rachel W.) [[ Slides]] 15
Balancing centralized project commitments with local priorities (Cameron M.) [[ Slides]] 10
| 12:00-13:30
| 13:30-14:00
| Cluster Computing for Humans -OR- Have you heard of this HPCPack? (Tim R.) [[ Slides]]
| Lightning Talks (PowerBI & Jupyter notebooks - Tim R., PyMarc - John D. [[ Slides]])
| 14:00-15:00
| Hackfest and group discussions
| Hackfest and group discussions
| 15:00-15:15
| ''Afternoon break''
| ''Afternoon break''
| 15:15-16:30
| Hackfest and group discussions continue
| Hackfest and group discussions continue
16:15 - Wrap-up and closing remarks
| 17:30
| Social - [ MERIT Brewing], [ 107 James St N.]
====Talk Sign Up====
! scope="col" | '''Topic'''
! scope="col" | '''Time (5 Min - 30 min)'''
! scope="col" | '''Way to contact&#42;(twitter, email, etc.)'''|-| Kaitlin Newson || Building a successful documentation initiative || 15 minutes || @kaitlinnewson
| Michael Ridley Tim Ribaric || Explanable AI (XAI) & LIS Cluster Computing for Humans? || 30 mins. 20 minutes || mridley@uoguelphelibtronic (@mridley)
| John Fink Sarah Romkey || A peek at two decentralized data sharing protocolsHow we Github: IPFS and dat a journey || 15-20 mins. minutes || john.fink@gmailArchivesSarah (@adr)
| Giles Orr Rachel Wang || Cipher Suites for Nginx and HAProxy Why Vue.js? || 1510 -20 mins. 15 minutes || @rwangca
| Mark Weiler Thomas Guignard || Unpacking Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (AA) conformance Quick tricks to make your images look good || 20 mins. 10 minutes || mweiler@wlutimtomch
| Gillian Byrne || Public Computing Service Delivery Model: work in progress || 20 mins. || (@gillmbyrne)
&#42; Just so we can talk to you about getting slides or follow up questions. Feel free to [ email me contact us instead] if you don't want to enter anything here.
====Hackfest & Group Discussion Ideas====
Depending on feedback we might We will spend some time running a HackFest/Group & Breakout Discussions instead of just presentations. Add your ideashere.
{| class="wikitable"
! scope="col" | '''Way to contact&#42;'''
| Your name Thomas Guignard || Your idea Update the [ Library Carpentry Web Scraping lesson] as part of the [ Library Carpentry global sprint] || Contact ([ @timtomch], email, etc[mailto:tom@timtom.)ca]|-|Kaitlin Newson || Create a "Hosting Code4Lib North" page for the wiki || [ @kaitlinnewson]|-
&#42; Just so we can talk to you about getting slides or follow up questions. Feel free to [ email me contact us instead] if you don't want to enter anything here.
===Accommodations=Socials & things to do besides c4l====The organizers have reserved * There will likely be a block of rooms at University of Toronto's Chestnut Residence, which is a 5 minute walk from OCAD. To receive the conference rate, reservations must be made by April 13, 2018.  Rooms cost $119/social on Thursday night + HST and include a full buffet breakfast. Reservations can be made by emailing or calling 416-977-0707, Ext 0 and referring to the Code4Lib North to get the discounted rate. Cancellation policy is 48 hours in advance and a credit card number will be required to hold the space. All rooms are private with ensuite washroom, linen and towels are provided. Housekeeping services the rooms weekly. Complimentary wifi is provided. For details, see
*Hashtag: [ 23c4ln19 #c4ln18c4ln19===Slack=== * Join the #code4lib channel on the [ code4lib slack]* Instructions to join the code4lib slack are found [ here] ===VIA Rail discount=== Code4lib North attendees can enjoy a 10% discount when traveling with VIA Rail. Use the information below when booking your tickets. Please note that VIA Rail has no service to Hamilton, attendees will need to transfer to GO Transit in Aldershot, Oakville or Toronto. The discount only applies to the portion of the trip operated by VIA Rail. GO Transit does not offer conference discounts :( If you have a Presto card, you can use it to pay for your GO Transit fare. '''Discount code:''' 13938 '''Instructions:''' Log in or create a profile on the VIA Rail reservation system prior to booking. On the Passenger information screen, select "Convention fare" from the “Discount Type” drop-down menu, and enter the discount code above for your convention or event in the “Discount code” field. The conference fare will be shown on the next page. '''Discount:''' 10% off the best available fare in Economy, Economy Plus, Business, Business Plus, Sleeper class. "Subject to the conditions and restrictions of the fare plan to which the additional discount is being applied." Discount does not apply in any Escape fares and Prestige Class. '''Valid:''' May 28th, 2019 to June 2nd, 2019 from all stations throughout the VIA system to Aldershot, Oakville or Toronto, Ontario and return. '''Restrictions:''' Fare applies to a maximum of two passengers per booking. One complimentary stopover is allowed at no additional charge. For travel on all fare plans in Business class, the first stopover is allowed at no additional charge, provided that this stopover takes place in Toronto, Montréal or Ottawa only.
Questions and/or concerns? Please contact:<br />[ Kaitlin Newson]<br />.
Code4Lib North would like to thank OCAD McMaster University for providing space for this meeting. 
==Code4Lib North Past Events==
code4lib Ottawa meetups are now organized using [ Sign up] to be informed of upcoming meetings.
===Next Meetup===
'''Date:''' Thursday April 9th, 2015
Keep an eye on the [ Meetup] page for further details.
The inaugural code4lib Ottawa meetup occurred on March 28, 2012 and was a simple meet-and-greet at a local pub. Since then, we try to combine this social event with some short interesting talks. Here is what we have learned about in recent meetups:
'''Tuesday October 7th, 2014'''
'''Location:''' MacOdrum Library, Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, ON, Ottawa, ON ([,+Carleton+University,+Ottawa,+ON+K1S+5R1/@45.3835317,-75.6975174,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x4cce067662eae8cf:0x9cd8d41fd34473d1 map])
'''April 30, 2013 - Meet, and share your favourite Library technology'''
| [ Warren Layton] || A quick demo of [ LibraryBox], a wireless filesharing device, which may have interesting applications in government and other libraries where IT restrictions can limit network use.
==Code4lib North Meetups in Montreal==
'''Status''': Active
'''Purpose:''' To connect with other code4libbers in the area and start building a code4lib community in Montreal, Quebec. (blatantly copied from the Ottawa and Toronto groups)<br>
'''For more information:''' Please email Clara Turp ( for more information.
'''Slack Channel and Hashtag:''' #code4lib-mtl
'''Wiki page:''' [[Code4Lib_Montreal]] - check here for upcoming or past meeting information.
Declare your interest in a Code4lib North chapter:
* [ Erin Johnson], [ Western Libraries]
* Wendy Huot, Queen's University
* Michael Vandenburg, Queen's University
* Marc d'Avernas, Waterloo Region District School Board
* Whitni Watkins, St. Lawrence University (Canton, NY)
 == Meeting Location Suggestions for the Future == * Jess Whyte, University of Toronto, Ontario* Sudbury, Ontario* Ottawa, Ontario* Montreal, Quebec
==Mailing list==
The code4lib-north mailing list was discontinued.

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