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Code4Lib Journal Email Templates

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Call for proposals
To be included in the <nth> issue, which is scheduled for publication
in mid <Month YYYY>, please submit articles, abstracts, or proposals at
http or to
by Friday, <Month DD, YYYY>. When submitting, please include the title
or subject of the proposal in the subject line of the email message.
* Technology projects (failed, successful, or proposed), including
how they were done and the challenges faced
* Case studies
* Best practices
middle ground between blog posts and articles in traditional refereed
journals. Where appropriate, we encourage authors to submit code
samples, algorithms, and pseudo-code. For more information, visitC4LJ's C4LJ’s Article Guidelines or browse articles from the first <n> earlier issuespublished on our website:
Remember, for consideration for the <nth> issue, please send proposals,
abstracts, or draft articles to /submit-proposalno later than Friday, <Month DD, YYYY>. (Use ifsending attachments.)
Send in a submission. Your peers would like to hear what you are doing.
Thank you for submitting a proposal to the Code4Lib Journal. We appreciate your participation in the Code4Lib community. The editors have received your proposal and will be in touch with you { within 2 weeks or put date if reviewing all together} regarding its appropriateness for publication in C4LJ. We will notify you if we need additional information to make this decision. Please feel free to contact us at if you have additional questions.
The C4LJ editorial team has begun collecting demographic data about abstracts submitted in an effort to understand the diversity (or lack thereof) of proposals submitted. This data will not be connected to your submission or viewed by the editorial team during the process of voting on submissions. The aggregate data will be curated and made publicly available annually. If you would be willing to participateand have not already done so, please use the following link. We would appreciate your distributing the link to co-authors. :

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