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Code4Lib 2019 Conference Committees

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This committee is charged with running the show such as overall timeline, budgeting, coordinating of locations and logistics, wrangler of committees, and communicating with the community.
* [ Nicole Johnson], bepress - co-chair, Primary Contact* [ Eric Phetteplace], California College of the Arts - co-chairChair, Primary Contact
* [ Roy Tennant], OCLC - Tertiary Contact
* [ Mark Matienzo], Stanford University - Tertiary Contact
== Onsite Volunteer Committee ==
This committee wrangles people to volunteer for the following duties:
'''Looking for opportunities to help out at the conference? See [[2019 Conference Volunteers]]'''
[[2019 Onsite Volunteer Documents|2019 Onsite Volunteer Documents]]
* Your Name Here - Chair
* Your Name Here [ Roy Tennant] - Secondary Contact aka Co-Chair
* [ Jennifer Cummings] - Local Planning Contact
* Your Name Here - Documentarian
[[2020 Host Voting Documents|2020 Host Voting Documents]]
* Your Name Here [[User:Phette23|Eric Phetteplace]] - Primary Contact aka Chair
* Your Name Here - Secondary Contact aka Co-Chair
* Roy Tennant - Local Planning Contact

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