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ILS Interop

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Existing Efforts to Review
<h1>Work from this group has been relocated to the [ ILS-DI Google Group]</h1>
A place to work on developing an infrastructure for interoperating between integrated library systems and other systems, but primarily discovery layers such as Blacklight, VUFind, Summon, WorldCat Local, SOPAC, Scriblio, and others.
See our mailing list at * '''[ Mailing List]'''* '''[[ILS_Interop_Mtg_Notes|Meeting Notes]]'''  == Existing Efforts to Review ==
* DLF ILS Discovery Interfaces (see below)
* [ Document Availability API] and [[DAIA_extensions|DAIA Extensions]]
* [ Jangle]
* [[Umlaut|Ümlaüt]]
* [ XC NCIP and OAI Toolkits]
== DLF ILS Discovery Interfaces ==
===List of functionality===
'''Level 1: Basic Discovery Interfaces'''<br />
This level represents a minimal set of functions that are easily implemented and essential to support applications that provide discovery outside the ILS.
* HarvestBibliographicRecords
* GoToBibliographicRequestPage (basically the ability to link directly to an OPAC full record page)
'''Level 2: Elementary OPAC supplement'''<br />
This level describes a set of functions needed for a reasonably broad range of practical discovery applications that operate in tandem with the OPAC.
All of the above, plus
* HarvestAuthorityRecords
* HarvestHoldingsRecords (where 'holdings' generally refers to structured marc holdings as opposed to just item records)
* Either OutputRewritablePage or OutputIntermediateFormat
'''Level 3: Elementary OPAC alternative'''<br />
This level describes a set of functions needed for a practical discovery application that can operate completely independently of the OPAC.
All of the above, plus
* LookupPatron (I think this was going from a possible external identifier, like campus ID, to the internal ILS identifier)
* AuthenticatePatron
* CancelRecall
'''Level 4: Robust/domain specific discovery platforms'''<br />
This level describes functions required to build useful discovery applications beyond the elementary level.
All of the above, plus
* SearchCourseReserves
* Explain (this is really a placeholder for an SRU type explain that says which functions have been implemented)
* Both OutputRewritablePage and OutputIntermediateFormat
== Existing Functionality ==
This section shows which systems are supported by which software packages. We should eventually build a chart; for now, we can start by listing details until we have a better idea of what standard entries belong in chart format.
=== VuFind ILS Drivers ===
The trunk VuFind drivers support various ILS's at different levels of detail. Some users have extended this through local customizations, but this list currently reflects only the baseline trunk code.
* Aleph - Item status, Patron details, Place holds (in progress in branch)
* Evergreen - Item status, New item list, Patron details, Suppressed record list
* Horizon - Item status, Patron details
* III - Item status
* Koha - Item status (incomplete)
* Unicorn - Item status; additional functionality may be available through the separate [ VuFind Unicorn project].
* Virtua - Course reserves, Item status, Patron details, Place holds, Renew items
* Voyager - Course reserves, Item status, New item list, Patron details, Place holds (in progress in branch), Suppressed record list
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