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*Ranti Junus, ranti.junus@gmail.com, Michigan State University
*Ranti Junus, ranti.junus@gmail.com, Michigan State University
*Lisa Rabey, lrabey@grcc.edu, Grand Rapids Community College
*Lisa Rabey, lrabey@grcc.edu, Grand Rapids Community College
*Jim LeFager jlefager@depaul.edu, DePaul University

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Code4Lib Midwest 2012


Code4Lib MidWest meeting will be held at Michigan State University Libraries

  • When - Tuesday, July 24th starting at 9am-ish until Wednesday, July 25th
  • Where - MSU Libraries conference room (TBD)
  • Contact - Ranti Junus (That One) , Kelly Sattler (Room Wrangler), Aaron Collie (Social & Logistics Buff), Mathew Reidsma (Programming Lord)



  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment


Share what you are working on! We are looking for 10-15 minute lightning talks, 30-60 minute in-depth talks, and 90-minute workshops. We would also love to hear some ideas for an afternoon hackfest. Add your name and a description of your talk below to sign up, or throw out an idea for hackfest.

Lightning Talks



Hackfest ideas

Is your library facing a problem? Bring it to the hackfest and we'll work on some solutions. Remember! Hackfest topics don't need to be technical! We can work on solutions to hack organizational or political problems, too!


List your name, email address, and affiliation here to register for the meeting:

  • Margaret Heller, mheller@dom.edu, Dominican University
  • Amy Unger, aunger@library.wisc.edu, University of Wisconsin -- Madison
  • Matthew Reidsma, reidsmam@gvsu.edu, Grand Valley State University
  • Francis Kayiwa, kayiwa@MyUniNext, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Ranti Junus, ranti.junus@gmail.com, Michigan State University
  • Lisa Rabey, lrabey@grcc.edu, Grand Rapids Community College
  • Jim LeFager jlefager@depaul.edu, DePaul University

Code4Lib Midwest 2011 Meeting

Social Media Links

  • Twitter hash tag: #c4lmw
  • Eric Lease Morgan's account of the whole event: blog post


List your name, email address, and affiliation here to register for the meeting:

  • Eric Lease Morgan ( emorgan at nd.edu) - University of Notre Dame
  • Lauren Reno (renol at newberry.org ) - Newberry Library (Thursday only)
  • Rick Johnson (rick dot johnson at nd dot edu) - University of Notre Dame
  • Peter Schlumpf (pschlumpf at gmail.com) - Avanti Library Systems
  • Margaret Kipp (kipp at uwm.edu) - University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  • Ken Irwin - Wittenberg University (Ohio)
  • Abigail Goben (agoben@uic.edu)--University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Francis Kayiwa (kayiwa AT My Institution next ) - University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Margaret Heller (mheller@dom.edu) - Dominican University, River Forest
  • Bob Sandusky (sandusky at uic) - University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Ranti Junus (ranti.junus at gmail.com) - Michigan State University
  • Ling Wang (lwang@uic.edu) - University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Valerie Harris (val66 at UIC email) - University of Illinois at Chicago Library
  • Linda Ballinger (linda dot ballinger at gmail) - Newberry Library
  • Michael North (m-north@northwestern.edu) - Northwestern University
  • Rajesh Balekai (rbalekai@nd.edu) - University of Notre Dame
  • Max Anderson (max@uic.edu) - University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Jonathan Shank (j-shank@neiu.edu) - Northeastern Illinois University
  • Matthew Reidsma (reidsmam@gvsu.edu) - Grand Valley State University (Michigan)
  • Christine McClure (cmcclur1 at iit.edu) - Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Jeremy Prevost ( j-prevost AT northwestern DOT edu ) - Northwestern University
  • Jim LeFager (jlefager@depaul.edu) - DePaul University (Friday only)
  • Ryan Hess (mhess8@depaul.edu) - DePaul University (Friday only)
  • Tod Olson (tod at uchicago.edu) - University of Chicago
  • Brodie Austin (austinb@newberry.org) - Newberry Library (Friday only)
  • Eben English (eenglish1 [at] luc.edu ) - Loyola University Chicago (Friday only)


  • July 28-29, 2011

Both days will be held at the University of Illinois-Chicago We will be at the Daley Library.

Hashtag for the conference is #c4lmw

[1]Lunch options for Friday

Call for Presenters

Share what you are working on! We are looking for 20 minute talks, lightning talks, hour long talks, and a lengthier (90 minute) workshop style talk.

Please list your proposed topic below:

  • Name, Title, Topic
  • Eric Lease Morgan (Digital Projects Librarian, University of Notre Dame) and "Text Mining in 'Discovery Systems'" - This short presentation will describe what text mining is, and then it will demonstrate how text mining can be integrated into library "discovery systems". The goal of the presentation is to increase the awareness of digital humanities computing techniques and to encourage the library profession to embrace them as a way of making collections more useful.
  • Peter Schlumpf (Avanti Library Systems) and "Avanti Nova: A Semantic Mapping System" - This presentation will introduce and demonstrate the latest work on Avanti Nova, a semantic mapping software. Nova provides a new and useful way of doing some things. The basic concepts, principles and how it works will be explained, and there will be a demonstration of the software implementing a library catalogue.
  • Margaret Kipp (Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee) and "Teaching Linked Data and the Semantic Web to MLIS Students" - This short presentation will report on the scope, coverage and results of teaching a course on linked data in libraries to a group of MLIS students which encouraged them to explore aspects of information organisation through experimenting with library and non-library metadata, semantic web and web 2.0 tools for creating library mashups. One of the goals of the presentation is to start a conversation about what libraries are doing with linked data and the semantic web and how we can incorporate this knowledge into MLIS courses.
  • Matthew Reidsma (Web Services Librarian, Grand Valley State University) - "Using jQuery to style hosted library services." Every library struggles to provide some sort of unified experience for its users, despite using hosted solutions for many of its resources. Getting these varied sites designed by countless different vendors to look like part of your library's site can be a challenge. I've found great success in combating the lackluster HTML and CSS of library vendors by using jQuery to make the page I want, rather than the page I have. I'll show some examples of projects I've completed as well as the Open Source projects they have spawned (360Link Reset, hasMedia?). Slides available here
  • Rich Wolf (UIC ACCC) - REST Easy: From Web Service to iOS App In this talk, we'll look at how a RESTful service can be turned into a native iOS app by creating a real live sample application, step by step. Along the way, we'll explore Xcode, Apple's IDE for developing iOS apps, Objective-C, and Interface Builder. We'll also look at open source tools, such as Two Toasters RESTKit, that make consuming REST services on an iOS device much simpler to implement.
  • Jeremy Prevost (Northwestern, Galter Health Sciences Library) jQuery Mobile.
  • Christine McClure (IIT) working with jQuery Mobile (Short and off-the-cuff, since I just heard about this conference last week)

Hackfest topics

Got a problem that coders can solve? We will set aside time for a hackfest -- post your issues now.

  • Anyone interested in taking XTF apart
  • What are you doing with usability?

2011 Code4Lib Midwest Meeting

The Code4Lib "Midwest" Meeting will be held at the University of Illinois at Chicago:

  • Who - Anybody and everybody is invited, especially if you are interested in aspects of computers and librarianship
  • What - A Code4Lib "mini-conference"
  • When - Thursday, July 28th starting at 0830 until Friday, July 29th around 1300
  • Where - Room 1470 Richard J. Daley Library, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago (Illinois) (home page, parking maps)
  • Why - Because community is a good thing, and communication is the key to our success
  • Contact Your local hosts are Francis Kayiwa and Abigail Goben, please see above for our email addresses if you need to contact us.

Suggested Hotel: Crown Plaza 733 W. Madison Chicago, IL

Parking Information

Public Transit Information: Transit Chicago



8:30 Room is open

9 a.m.-9:30 a.m. (approx) Lightning Talks

Peter Schlumpf presentation

9:30-12 p.m. Lightning presentations (tbd day of)

12 p.m.-1 p.m. Lunch

1 p.m.-3 p.m.

Matthew Reidsma

Jeremy Prevost

Christine McClure

3--5 p.m. Hackfest

5:30-?? Happy Hour at Villains


8:30 a.m. Welcome

9 a.m.-1 p.m. Presentations

Rich Wolf presentation

Eric Lease Morgan

Margaret Kipp

1 p.m.-5 p.m. Room is available for hackfest, etc etc

Lightning Talks, Show & Tell, and Workshops

If you would like to give a lightning talk, do a show & tell, or even give a more formal workshop, then please add your topic and name below. This will help others learn more about what the Meeting will have to offer.

  • The New Research Library and Data Curation - Rick Johnson
  • My DPLA Beta-Sprint proposal (The movie! Sample applications - Eric Lease Morgan
  • learning jQueryUI & working on non-library projects - Ken Irwin

Previous C4L Midwest Regional Meetings

Mailing list

For better or for worse, Code4Lib "Midwest" has low-traffic mailing list/Google group. Consider subscribing.