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Like a can opener for your data silo: simple access through AtomPub and Jangle

Why libraries should embrace Linked Data

The Rising Sun: Making the most of Solr power

Complete faceting

Open Up Your Repository With a SWORD!

What We Talk About When We Talk About FRBR

Freebasing for Fun and Enhancement

A New Platform for Open Data - Introducing ‡biblios.net Web Services

Blacklight as a unified discovery platform

A modern open webservice-based GIS infrastructure

LuSql: (Quickly and easily) Getting your data from your DBMS into Lucene

FreeCite - An Open Source Free-Text Citation Parser

The Open Platform Strategy: what it means for library developers

The Dashboard Initiative

RESTafarian-ism at the NLA

LibX 2.0

Great facets, like your relevance, but can I have links to Amazon and Google Book Search?

Extending biblios, the open source web based metadata editor

djatoka for dummies

A new frontier - the Open Library Environment (OLE)

How Anarchivist Got His Groove Back 2: DVCS, Archival Description, and Workflow Integration

Visualizing Media Archives: A Case Study


eXtensible Catalog project update

Using a Web Services architecture with Me, Myself and I

Expanding the discovery scope with VuFind

Using Omeka to build a Digital Collection Registry

There's more than MARC: an overview of Electronic Resources Management Metadata

Solid State Drives and Lucene

Library Course Views at NCSU

How to scrape statistics when you can't eat raw fish.

MARC Authority Records: an efficient way to find books online


Getting a Leg Up on XForms with Orbeon Form Builder

It's Not a Blog: Turning WordPress into the Publishing Platform for an Open Access Journal

Managing Library Assets; A service oriented architecture approach

Built Around a Blog: using Wordpress to store and display data

Practical web-based Unicode text processing in Perl

Web Accessibility in Libraries: serving patrons with disabilities

Technostress and the Virtual Reference Librarian