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Those interested in the same project/problem can hang out in a space together for 70 minute blocks. Generally the person who suggests the topic will take on the role as moderator to begin and moderate the discussion. Anyone can propose a breakout session - please think about whether you would want a session to be held on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the order of talks and who you hope will attend. There are a lot of rooms available each day, including the large meeting room, and we will route different proposed sessions to the different rooms depending on a quick show-of-hands survey just before each one begins.

This page will list any sessions proposed, but there will also be flip charts outside the meeting room where more sessions can be proposed. Please include your name when proposing a session.


  • Mobile Dev
  • Blacklight
  • Tools4Lib - the best tools used in your job - Devon Smith/decasm?
  • Let's Link Our Data - If you have data, metadata, vocabularies, or just about anything else you want to link, show up and we'll figure out what to do with it! - Ryan Scherle/ryscher


  • Code4Lib Journal open meeting/discussion - add topics or just show up
  • Cloud4lib - next steps
  • xC - Extensible Catalog
  • VuFind
  • Solr
  • CouchDB
  • MODS for ruby

Original page on code4lib.org: http://code4lib.org/conference/2010/breakouts