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(Announcements From the Organizers)
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== Announcements From the Organizers ==
Please visit my
* Conference tag: c4l10
* Internet in guest rooms at the Renaissance Asheville is FREE. Use '''attwifi_meeting'''; we have more bandwidth and (thanks to mbklein) better IRC access. However, our bandwidth is still limited.
**[http://www.flickr.com/photos/ksclarke/4379411019/ Monday's usage]
**[http://www.flickr.com/photos/ksclarke/4382283681/ Tuesday's usage]
**[http://www.flickr.com/photos/ksclarke/4385768518/ Wednesday's usage]
* Hospitality Suite: 1115 (“open when a warm body is there”) - has a portable projector! [http://twitpic.com/14l7f4 Looks like this]
* [http://www.marriott.com/hotels/event-planning/floor-plans/avlbr-renaissance-asheville-hotel/ Hotel Map] - aside from the first floor we're using Swannanoa Room (2nd Floor)
* Jobs4Lib - bulletin board near the registration area ([http://groups.google.com/group/code4libcon/browse_thread/thread/6d2f416b4923cb8c see code4libcon discussion])
* [http://code4lib.org/conference/2010/releaseform.html Release form] 'cause we're videotaping
* [http://code4lib.org/irc/ How to get onto IRC] (Quick answer: http://webchat.freenode.net/ Nickname: pick a name, Channels: #code4lib )
* Projector resolution is 1024x768
* Fill out our [http://survey.tenseg.net/code4lib evaluation survey] to give speakers and planners your feedback.
* [[C4L2011_planning_wishlist|'''Put your ideas for 2011 here!''']]
* Snowbound? Thursday night: [[C4L2010planning:RoommatesRidesEtc#Hostels_and_Cheap_Places_to_Stay|cheap places to stay]] and hotel conference rate still applies
== Useful Links ==
== Useful Links ==

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Please visit my


Useful Links

Does Anybody Want To...?

See also C4L2010_social_activities -- should we move summaries here?


Attending the conference and tweeting about it? Add yourself to 2010 Twitter List to end up in the @code4lib twitter list for convenient following.

An archive of tweets based on the #c4l10 hashtag can be viewed at Twapperkeeper and statistics can be had at what the hashtag. Also registered at hashtag.org. Please add the tag to any similar services.


  • Breakfast Tuesday - Thursday is continental
  • Lunch is provided on Tuesday and Wednesday. Lunch options on other days:

Lunch Groups

Lunch is provided Tuesday and Wednesday

Drupal interest group meets Tuesday at lunch - meet in lobby and we'll find a spot (in one of the Bof rooms) for lunch Look for me, Cary Gordon. I am easy to find.

Dinner Plans

See C4L2010 social activities for some planned dinners (feel free to summarize here!)

  • Sunday
  • Tuesday

Things To Do

See also C4L2010_social_activities -- should we move summaries here?



SSH Tunneling to get around blocked ports

Ports blocked? Try this:

  • On your laptop, execute:
 ssh -f -N -L 9999:chat.freenode.net:6667 machine.I.have.rights.on

...where chat.freenode.net:6667 is the machine/port you want to eventually get to, machine.i.have.rights.on is...well, that, and 9999 is an empty port on your local machine.

You'll be prompted for a password if you need one, after which you can put it in the background.

Then you can set up your chat software to talk to localhost:9999 and you're set.

One can also use ssh to set up a SOCKS proxy:

 ssh -D [local_socks_port] [machine_I_have_rights_on]  

Want more details? See this article.

Ground Crew Contacts

Please feel free to contact us about anything, any time, between now and the end of the conference.

  • Jill Ellern 828-399-1286