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Announcements From the Organizers

  • Conference tag: c4l10
  • Conference Program (also as a calendar feed thanks to Simon Spero)
  • Internet in guest rooms at the Renaissance Asheville is FREE.
  • Annotated Google Map
  • Hospitality Suite: 1114 (“open when a warm body is there”) - will have a portable projector!
  • Hotel Map - aside from the first floor we're using Swannanoa Room (2nd Floor), Hospitality Suite 1114; one preconference will use Oakland Heights (12th floor)
  • http://tinyurl.com/ashevillebuzz is an alias to this page

Does Anybody Want To...?

See also C4L2010_social_activities -- should we move summaries here?


Attending the conference and tweeting about it? Add yourself to 2010 Twitter List to end up in the @code4lib twitter list for convenient following.

An archive of tweets based on the #c4l10 hashtag can be viewed at Twapperkeeper.


  • Breakfast Tuesday - Thursday is continental
  • Lunch is provided on Tuesday and Wednesday. Lunch options on other days:

Dinner Plans

See C4L2010 social activities for some planned dinners (feel free to summarize here!)

  • Sunday & Monday
  • Tuesday & Wednesday

Things To Do

See also C4L2010_social_activities -- should we move summaries here?



SSH Tunneling to get around blocked ports

Ports blocked? Try this:

  • On your laptop, execute:
 ssh -f -N -L 9999:chat.freenode.net:6667 machine.I.have.rights.on

...where chat.freenode.net:6667 is the machine/port you want to eventually get to, machine.i.have.rights.on is...well, that, and 9999 is an empty port on your local machine.

You'll be prompted for a password if you need one, after which you can put it in the background.

Then you can set up your chat software to talk to localhost:9999 and you're set.

Ground Crew Contacts

Please feel free to contact us about anything, any time, between now and the end of the conference.

You can call Jodi online via Skype, or type your number to call me at Google Voice.