2010 Preconference Proposals

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Proposals for 2010 Code4LibCon Preconferences

Where possible, please include a "Contact/Responsible Individual" name and email address so we know who is willing to put on the proposed precon.

  • Hacker 101/102/201/202 (Dan Chudnov and ??) - 1/2 day - a friendly session to help people still newish with the coding thing to get up to speed a little more
  • Next Gen Catalog (?? and ??) - full day - the morning on solr, which many projects have in common, in the morning, and then in the afternoon have sessions that build on top of solr (vufind, blacklight, kochief, etc.)
  • Solr (?? and ??) - half day - suggestions welcome for more intro level session or for a more advanced level session (or perhaps intro level in the AM and advanced level in the PM?)
  • Serials Solutions Hackathon (folks from Serials Solutions) - full day or half day - Connecting Serials Solutions Fed Search, Link resolver or Summon to almost anything (such as OCLC, ILS systems, Drupal, whatever)
  • "Heckle Me" (?? and ??) - half day? - ??
  • OCLC Web Services Boot Camp and Lightning Talk Demos - full day thorough coverage of a suite of APIs and the essentials about the underlying technologies (e.g., SRU, CQL, Atom, OpenSearch, etc.) to get you going right away. Also time to show off what you've done to mashup library data in the past (not limited only to OCLC services), in a 5-10 minute presentation. - Contact/Responsible Individual: Roy Tennant, tennantr@oclc.org
  • Koha Hackfest/Best-practices meeting - full or half day - working on Koha bugs and enhancements, discussing best practices to solve common workflow and technical issues, developing helper scripts for data migration, connection to external systems, etc.