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# Rosalyn Metz (@rosy1280)
# Rosalyn Metz (@rosy1280)
# Edward M Corrado (@ecorrado)
# Edward M Corrado (@ecorrado)
# Jeremy Frumkin (@LibraryWiz)

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Attending the conference? Add your name and your twitter handle (@whomever, etc), and you will be added to the @code4lib twitter list for easy following.

  1. Sean Hannan (@MrDys)
  2. Becky Yoose (@yo_bj)
  3. Mark Matienzo (@anarchivist)
  4. Dave Lester (@digitalhumanist)
  5. Katherine Lynch (@katelynch)
  6. Michael Doran (@michaeldoran)
  7. Benjamin Young (@bigbluehat)
  8. Alexander O'Neill (@alxp)
  9. Rosalyn Metz (@rosy1280)
  10. Edward M Corrado (@ecorrado)
  11. Jeremy Frumkin (@LibraryWiz)