2011 Breakout Sessions

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'NOTE: Breakout sessions are usually proposed at the conference or shortly befrore the conference begins"

Those interested in the same project/problem can hang out in a space together for 70 minute blocks. Generally the person who suggests the topic will take on the role as moderator to begin and moderate the discussion. Anyone can propose a breakout session - please think about whether you would want a session to be held on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the order of talks and who you hope will attend. There are lots of spaces in the IMU where small groups can congregate and we do have a couple of rooms including the large Alumni Hall space for this. We will route different proposed sessions to the different rooms depending on a quick show-of-hands survey just before each one begins.

This page will list any sessions proposed, but there will also be flip charts outside the meeting room where more sessions can be proposed. Please include your name when proposing a session.

Tuesday 16:00-17:00: Alumni Hall (1-2 groups); Solarium (2-3 groups); Whittenberger Auditorium

  • Drupal in Libraries - Cary Gordon and a cast of 1,000s 100s some - Solarium.
  • Digital Video for research - William Cowan, Indiana University - Can we get beyond YouTube?
  • Plone / Zope in Libraries - Maccabee Levine, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  • Usability research/designing for user experience - what are we doing about it? - Erin White, VCU - Solarium
  • Can we hack on this: Open Extensible Proxy: going beyond EZProxy? - Terry Reese (Oregon State) and Jeremy Frumkin (University of Arizona)

Wednesday 14:40-15:50: Alumni Hall (1-2 groups); Solarium (2-3 groups); Maple Room; Walnut Room

  • Solr--Tom Burton-West University of Michigan (HathiTrust)
  • Supporting Open Source in Libraries - Peter Murray and Tim Daniels, LYRASIS
  • Digital Library Federation Community Update - Rachel L. Frick, CLIR/DLF
  • Student thesis self-submission with Pylons, Fedora Commons, & MARC - Jeremy Nelson (Colorado College)
  • Collection, appraisal and tools like the Curator's Workbench - Greg Jansen, UNC Chapel Hill

Not yet scheduled: Organizers: Please move your sessions to Tuesday or Wednesday above.

  • VuFind Discussion - Demian Katz, Villanova University
  • ColdFusion in Libraries - Daria Norris, Free Library of Philadelphia
  • How OpenSocial apps and open APIs/data can personalize and enhance search and discovery - Remko Caprio, Developer Platform Evangelist at SciVerse