2011 CURATEcamp Hackfest Ideas

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Allright Coders, Hackers, and Groupies! It's time to submit your ideas here (or by sending them directly to the address in the email you received). All proposals to be revealed at 9am February 7th at CURATEcamp Hackfest in the Frangipani room.

We also have a Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/code4lib2011-hackfest

Let's keep it FIFO - so the first idea added stays on top :)

Please include a title and description, eg:

10000 Monkeys Digital Solr Network (10kMDSN) - The idea here is to describe your idea in such a way to get as many monkeys to help out with your idea as possible. And a really cool acronym is (almost) mandatory. URLs are good as are git repos, google groups, etc.