2011 Preconference Proposals

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Proposals for 2011 Code4LibCon Preconferences

Proposals will close Friday November 19 so we can finalize the list and add them to registration!

We'll have space for up to 3 full-day pre-conferences and 3-6 half-day pre-conferences.

Please include a "Contact/Responsible Individual" name and email address so we know who is willing to put on the proposed precon.

What's New In Solr

  • Description: The library world is fired up about Solr. Practically every next-gen catalog is using it (via Blacklight, VuFind, or other technologies). Solr has continued improving in some dramatic ways, including geospatial support, field collapsing/grouping, extended dismax query parsing, pivot/grid/matrix/tree faceting, autosuggest, and more. This session will cover all of these new features, showcasing live examples of them all, including anything new that is implemented prior to the conference.
  • Duration: half-day
  • Speaker Bio: Erik has spoken at several code4lib conferences (Keynoted Athens '07 along with the infamous pioneering Solr preconference, presented at Providence '09, and pre-conferenced Asheville '10). Erik co-authored "Lucene in Action", and he's a Lucene and Solr committer. His library world claims to fame are founding and naming Blacklight, original developer on Collex and the Rossetti Archive search.
  • Contact: Erik Hatcher (erik.hatcher at lucidimagination.com)