2012 Craft Brew Drinkup

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Date/Time TBA; to be held in hospitality suite

The Craft Brew Drinkup at Code4lib 2012 is all about sharing and enjoying good beer with fellow conference attendees. The idea is to bring bottles of your favorite beers.

While you're not obligated to bring local beers from whereever you're from, participants are definitely encouraged to bring beer that you think is special and might be somewhat hard for others outside your area to find. Homebrew is especially welcome. Sign up below with your name, where you're from, and list a few brews or bottles you're thinking about (but not necessarily committing to) bringing along. You can also request that people bring specific beer if you so desire, but don't necessarily expect that your wishes will be granted.

If you do not check bags or otherwise cannot arrange to bring beer from where you call home, you may be interested in buying beer from a local beer store. See the "Buying Beer in Seattle" section below for suggestions.

Sign up

Name Location Brews or Breweries I might bring Requests
anarchivist New Haven CT/Brooklyn NY 3 Floyds Dark Lord 2011; maybe Westvleteren Blonde; Berkshire Brewing company Imperial porters/stouts; really funky-/Brett-tasting beers or wild ales; highly-hopped stuff; interesting session beers
kayiwa Chicago IL Bourbon County Stout; New Glarus Barleywine Barleywines; Aged Stouts; Anything from Deschutes

(psst, Francis: I've got some homebrewed barleywine aging in the basement; i won't be in Seattle but I'll bring some to C4L-Midwest -Kenirwin 13:26, 29 January 2012 (PST))

danwho San Diego, CA Alpine Brewery Exponential Hoppiness; Iron Fist; maybe Lost Abbey; Bud Light hoppy imperials, sours, funky farmhouses. Also, I'd vote Wednesday or Tuesday evening since a lot of folks are doing the Microsoft tour and/or newcomer dinners Monday
declan San Diego, CA hmm, looking over the cellar... Parabola, Black Tuesday, Cherry Adam, Angel Share, Captain stout, Silva.... we'll see! dark, black stuff. like my heart. Or sours. Or Belgies. Founders, Bells, New Glaris, Goose Island.
awead Cleveland, OH Founders Porter, some new IPA I found... Stuff that doesn't suck.
bibliotechy Atlanta, Ga Some Terrapin beers... Hopsecutioner, Sweetwater Brewery Exodus Porter if it is still around Boreale noire, rousse or cuivre from Montreal!
sdellis Lambertville, NJ Riverhorse... (possibly Hop Hazard, but I'll see what's fresh). Maybe Lionshead (pilsner) from Doylestown, PA (legend has it you can drink as much as you want and never get a hangover). Bitters, pub style, IPAs, brown ales
jastirn Kansas City, KS Whatever I can get from Wilderness Brewing (KC), Free State (Lawrence, KS), Schlafly Imperial Stout (St. Louis), and Blvd Smokestack (KC) (for Danwho) More blueberry stout, stouts, lagers, spicy
HLPitts Salem, OR tbd, but probably something from Gilgamesh, and if we're lucky The Abyss from Deschutes. Ooh, and I already have a barleywine from Hopworks that I will bring. stouts/porters, sours, red ales
bohyunkim Miami, FL same as last year - canned bears from Oskar Blues brewery in Colorado unless I spot something better cider, Rogue Dead Guy, malty, fruity, blonde/gloden ale
carmendarlene San Diego, CA something from SoCal...Maybe more Alpine. Going shopping at the Best Damn Beer Store later this week. New Glaris, Goose Island, Three Floyds, Cantillon...stuff that I can't get in San Diego.
flyingzumwalt & jcoyne Minneapolis, MN Surly Coffee Bender & Surly Cynic, Bell's Two Hearted, Lift Bridge Farm Girl, Crispin Cider Revivalist beers (ie. Yard's Revolutionary Beers ), New Glarus, Yuengling
singlesoliloquy St. Louis, MO Schlafly, Six Row. Good pilsners.
pberry Chico, CA Hope to buy Chico stuff in SEA, Bigfoot was just released. Ales
calvinmah Vancouver, Canada driving to SEA so I'll bring a crate Beer


Add using the following format: (person who you are making the request of): (your request) - (your name)

  • Unnamed persons from the Keystone State: Sly Fox, any special Weyerbacher - anarchivist
  • anyone: Boulevard smokestack series - danwho
  • whosoever brought blueberry stout last year, more of that please - jastirn

Buying Beer in Seattle

from an email to the code4lib list:

I can think of three good bottleshops (all w/ taps in case you want a growler) that are located on bus lines from downtown:
* Bottleworks: Probably the shop I frequent the most. Take the 16 to Wallingford.
* Last Drop: Take the 71,72, or 73 north from downtown and get off at 80th.
* Beer Authority: probably the quickest trip from downtown on the 522. get off at the 125th St stop in Lake City and walk north a couple of blocks.
* Lots of other pub/beer places noted on the map


  • This is an unofficial event organized by attendees of Code4lib 2012.
  • All guests at the Drinkup must be 21 years of age or over with a valid form of ID.
  • Any participation in the Drinkup is at your own risk.
  • All guests are expected to drink responsibly and behave appropriately.

Packing and Shipping Beer

If you're flying to Code4lib, you will have to consider how to bring your beer. Some attendees in past years have packed beer in their checked luggage, and others have purchased a beer shipper that was checked separately as luggage. In any event, you will not be able to bring beer in carryon luggage.

The following are links to resources that provide info on packing your beer for transit.