2012 Linkfest Preconference

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We've had talks and sessions galore about Linked Data at code4lib in past years. Let's focus on linking. Bring data you want to publish and link to or link from and your ideas about new ways we can push data linking into being part of our regular approach to how we put our libraries' content and services on the web. At the start of the session we'll run a quick poll to see who wants to link to what and how, and we'll pair or group up and get to work from there. May a kajillion links bloom!

If you need an "intro to linked data" we can prep a good list of readings/talks to review before you come. But please come ready to link! Organizer type person: Dan Chudnov, GWU Libraries, @dchud or dchud at gwu edu

Potential projects

  • charper - working with tagasauris
  • tim shearer - reconciling against geonames
  • edsu - linking data available about books that are available online in John Ockerbloom's Online Books Website to Google Books
  • dchud - social network for people and their bibliographic obsessions with caching piece
  • helrond - reconciling lists of names from EAD to amplify existing description (Daily Worker - Communist Party of USA photos - finding aid is big; be patient...)
  • declan
  • jpstroop - linking data, adding URIs etc to EAD
  • jaron (@ronallo) Jason Ronallo - making microdata more like linked data on http://d.lib.ncsu.edu/collections
  • caching linked data for performance (Dan Chudnov)
  • use "common vocab" in something like http://jobs.code4lib.org/ (Corey Harper) - the common vocabs from linked data make catalogers jobs easier

Success stories (or at least interesting stories)