2012 Solr Preconference

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The Solr 2012 Preconference Notes of Greatness:

How to get titles like Nature (specifically, big journals like "Nature") to appear near the top:

  • exact title match fields, boost those. (left and right anchored)
  • create boost fields on index for specific things (like serials, you want to boost)

Things coming down the pike on solr:

  • Solr 4.0: hierarchical facets? (do any nightlies work?)
  • new way of handling other languages other than CJK


How to get started on solr?

How to get data in:

How to track results?

  • google analytics
  • put in specific fields for tracking what people search for and click, especially which result number.

Relevance testing:

  • types of tests that should always be true (hyphenation should work this way)
  • worry about adding too many "result X should appear here"
  • cucumber http://cukes.info/
  • talk to ndushay about stanford's use of this