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  • Woodinville distillery tour
  • Seattle distillery tour
  • Favorite local breweries
  • Favorite local tea houses
  • Visit hackerspace
  • Evergreen/Koha - Open Source ILS brewery/tea house meetup

Planned events

Newcomer dinner

First time at code4lib? Join fellow c4l newbies and veterans for an evening of food, socializing, and stimulating discussions about demonstrations of the many uses of bacon dongles XML.

Code4Lib veterans, you're invited too. Join us in welcoming the newcomers!


  • When: Tuesday evening (2/7) Note that this year's dinner is on Tuesday
  • Time: 6 PM (ish)
  • Mastermind (if you have any questions): Becky Yoose


  • Max of 6 per group
    • Please, no waitlisting :(
  • ID yourselves so we can get a good mix of new people and veterans in each group
    • New folks - n
    • c4l vets - v
  • One leader needed for each location (declare yourself! - Vets are highly encouraged to lead the group :))
    • Leader duties
      • Make reservations if required; otherwise make sure that the restaurant can handle a group of 6 rowdy library coders
      • Herd folks from hotel to restaurant (know where you're going!)


Restaurants within .25 miles of the hotel

Sazerac (Local focused Northwest cuisine)

Earth and Ocean(Seafood)

Benihana (Japanese)

O'Asian Kitchen and Lounge (Asian)

Restaurants between .25 miles and .5 miles of the hotel

The Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery (American)

Wild Ginger (Asian)

Purple Cafe (American, Wine Bar)

Cafe Paloma (Mediterranean)

Collins Pub (Pub Food)

Six Arms - McMenamins (Pub Food)

611 Supreme (Crepes and Full Bar)

Pan Africa Restaurant & Bar (Pan African)

Restaurants between .5 and 1 mile from hotel

Ballet (Vietnamese)

Kokeb Ethiopian Restaurant (Ethiopian)

Dahlia Lounge (Seafood)

Etta's Seafood (Seafood, Pan-Asian)

Matt's in the Market (Northwest Cuisine)

Place Pigalle (French)

Chez Shea (French)

Elysian Breweries and Pubs (Pub Food)

Meza (Latin Fare)

Loving Hut (Vietnamese/Veg*n)

In the Bowl (Veg*n, Asian)

Plumb Bistro (Veg*n)

Highline (Veg*n, bar)

Restaurants more than 1 miles from the hotel

Flying Fish (Seafood)

Cafe Flora (Veg*n)

Teapot Vegetarian House (Veg*n, Asian)

Space Needle (American, Pricy; but what the heck, listed it anyway for those who want the experience)

Social Map - places of interest

Code4lib 2012 - Seattle - social events, hangouts, and places to see

Local events/places

  • Metrix Create Space
  • Ada's Technical Books
  • Northwest Outdoor Center
  • Center for Wooden Boats
  • Empty Sea Studios acoustic music

Recommended Restaurants/Bars (no particular order)

  • Pub at Third Place
  • Leary Traveler
  • Stumbling Monk
  • The Dray
  • Norm's
  • Elysian
  • Nine Pound Hammer
  • Meza
  • Revel

Local Beer Places

See also

Things to do in Seattle, from the hosts