2012 preconference proposals

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Proposals for 2012 Code4LibCon Preconferences

Proposals will close Sunday, November 20 so we can finalize the list and add them to registration!

Spaces available: main meeting room (max 275) + 5 breakout rooms (max 30-50).

Please include a "Contact/Responsible Individual" name and email address so we know who is willing to put on the proposed precon.

Full Day

Half Day Morning


We've had talks and sessions galore about Linked Data at code4lib in past years. Let's focus on linking. Bring data you want to publish and link to or link from and your ideas about new ways we can push data linking into being part of our regular approach to how we put our libraries' content and services on the web. At the start of the session we'll run a quick poll to see who wants to link to what and how, and we'll pair or group up and get to work from there. May a kajillion links bloom!

If you need an "intro to linked data" we can prep a good list of readings/talks to review before you come. But please come ready to link!

Organizer type person: Dan Chudnov, GWU Libraries, @dchud or dchud at gwu edu

What's New in Solr

This session will bring folks up to speed on the latest developments in Lucene and Solr. There's always a lot of new capabilities as well as tips and tricks on using Solr in clever and powerful ways.

Presenter: Erik Hatcher - erik . hatcher @ lucidimagination dot com

Half Day Afternoon

Git -r done

A session to cover all things Git, everyone's favourite distributed version control system. This session should cover a little bit of the history of Git, how it works, and how it's different than other version controls systems like SVN. Practical application should also be covered, including how to clone existing repos and contribute code back to them, how to host your own repository, and best practices for setting up a distributed network.

Looking for attendees with real-life Git experience to share it, so we can all broaden our understanding of possible use-cases and nifty advanced features.

Coordinator: Ian Walls, ByWater Solutions, @sekjal or ian.walls at bywatersolutions com