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(Social Outing (5:30pm))
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====Social Outing (5:30pm)====
====Social Outing (5:30pm)====
Dinner at The Mill
===Monday, October 14===
===Monday, October 14===

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Code4Lib Midwest 2013

Please join us Sunday, October 13, and Monday, October 14, in Iowa City for the Code4Lib Midwest 2013 conference! This informal conference will feature short lightning talks, longer presentations, workshops, and breakout discussion sessions covering technology in libraries, archives and museums in the Midwest. Each Code4Lib conference is different; take a look through the main Code4Lib Wiki to learn more about this volunteer-driven collective.


Code4Lib MidWest meeting will be hosted by University of Iowa Libraries.

  • When - Sunday, October 13th - Monday, October 14th
  • Where - John Pappajohn Business Building, University of Iowa, Room W401
  • Registration Cost - Free!
  • Planning Committee - Emily Shaw (emily-f-shaw@uiowa.edu), Shawn Averkamp (shawn-averkamp@uiowa.edu), Becky Yoose(YOOSEBEC@grinnell.edu), Julia Bauder (BAUDERJ@grinnell.edu), Wendy Robertson (wendy-robertson@uiowa.edu), Matthew Butler (matthew-butler@uiowa.edu)


  • Lodging
    • We have blocked off rooms for 10/13 & 10/14 at the Sheraton Iowa City as the official hotel. The group name is "Code4Lib". You can either call and let them know you're part of this group, or book online through this event registration page. These rooms are available at a discounted rate ($99/night, wifi included), and are held on a first come first served basis. Reservations must be booked by September 14, 2013 or the rooms will be released back to the public. It's a pretty nice hotel, and a pleasant, easy walk through downtown Iowa City to the room where we'll be meeting. The Sheraton has an attached parking garage; ask about parking when you call to reserve a room.
  • Transportation
    • Bus - Greyhound, Megabus (routes to Iowa City from Chicago, Omaha, Des Moines)
    • Air - Eastern Iowa Airport(CID, in Cedar Rapids) is the closest airport (22 miles); Cedar Rapids Airport Shuttle can get you to and from the airport (reserve in advance). Quad City International Airport (MLI) is 66 miles away, but flights are often cheaper; unfortunately, a shuttle or taxi to/from there might cost you almost as much as your flight.
    • Driving - Iowa City is off of I-80, which every Midwesterner should know how to get to :) There are several public parking structures around campus, in easy walking distance to both the Sheraton (conference hotel) and Pappajohn Business Building (meeting room).

Programming Sign-up

Share what you are working on! We would also love to hear some ideas for a Sunday morning workshop/hackfest. Add your name and a description below.


List your name and what you want to hack, teach, or see someone else teach.

  • Shawn Averkamp -- Linked Data Tool Share: Let's share tips and tricks for making/publishing/consuming linked data. How to set up a SPARQL server? How to use parsers and serializers? I don't have that many tricks up my sleeve yet, so add your name and comments here if you'd like to help organize.
  • Emily Shaw (UIowa) - CurateCamp, anyone? I've participated in a grand total of 1 before, but it was great and I'd be glad to facilitate if others are interested.
  • Ian Mason (UIowa) -- Displaying data on Google charts or maps with Python?



15-20 minutes suggested, but feel free to propose a longer talk.

  • Mark McFate (Grinnell College) - The Status of Islandora and Digital.Grinnell -- Islandora and http://Digital.Grinnell.edu are evolving rapidly. See what's new in Islandora and get a glimpse of how it’s used in Digital.Grinnell.
  • Alan Schmitz (Iowa State University - SILO Program) - Iowa Heritage Digital Collections and Omeka -- http://www.iowaheritage.org/
  • Jason Paulios (Iowa City Public Library) - ICPL Local Music Project -- http://music.icpl.org/
  • Brian Zelip (UIUC, GSLIS) - Support Community Memory! LocalWiki & Library Engagement


Lightning Talks

5 minutes suggested. We'll open more slots at the conference.

  1. Logan Jewett -- ETD conversion project (Sunday)


Sunday, October 13

Mingling (9:00am - 9:30am)

Workshops/Hackfest (9:30am - 12:00pm):

Pitch an idea above.

Lunch (12:00pm - 1:30pm)

Lunch on your own.

Talks (1:30pm - 5:00pm)

Social Outing (5:30pm)


Monday, October 14

Coffee (8:30am - 9:00am)

Get your name badge, drink some coffee, eat a snack, and meet some library folks.

Talks (9:00am - 12:00pm)

Lunch (12:00pm - 1:30pm)

Lunch on your own

More Talks (1:30pm - 4:00pm)


Registration is free. We have tables and chairs for about 50 people, but we have plenty of perimeter seating if you sign up too late. List your name, affiliation, and email address here to register for the meeting. If you signed up and are unable to attend please remove your name or contact us, so that we can make room for others.

Contact Ryan Wick (ryanwick@gmail.com) with your preferred username to set up a Code4Lib wiki account, or ask Shawn Averkamp (shawn-averkamp@uiowa.edu) to add your name to this list if you prefer not to set up an account.:

  1. Matthew Butler, University of Iowa, matthew-butler@uiowa.edu
  2. Becky Yoose, Grinnell College, yoosebec at grinnell dot edu (maybe on Sunday, definitely on Monday)
  3. Julia Bauder, Grinnell College, bauderj at grinnell dot edu
  4. Samantha Helmick, Burlington Public Library, shelmick@burlington.lib.ia.us
  5. Kelly Thompson, Iowa State University, kellyt@iastate.edu
  6. Jason Stirnaman, University of Kansas Medical Center (KC), jstirnaman@kumc.edu
  7. Sarah Park, Northwest Missouri State University, gopark at nwmissouri dot edu
  8. Scott Hanrath, University of Kansas, shanrath@ku.edu
  9. Ian Mason, University of Iowa, ian-mason@uiowa.edu
  10. Shannon Cody, University of Iowa, shannon-cody@uiowa.edu
  11. Jillian Phillips, University of Iowa, jillian-phillips@uiowa.edu
  12. Kathy Magarrell, University of Iowa, kathy-magarrell@uiowa.edu
  13. Wendy Robertson, University of Iowa, wendy-robertson@uiowa.edu
  14. Audrey Altman, University of Iowa, audrey-altman@uiowa.edu
  15. Micah Bateman, University of Iowa, micah-bateman@uiowa.edu
  16. Alan Schmitz, Iowa State University, aschmitz@silo.lib.ia.us
  17. Jerry Balmer, Iowa State University, jbalmer@silo.lib.ia.us
  18. Paul Ertz, Iowa State University, pertz@silo.lib.ia.us
  19. Marie Harms, Iowa Library Services, marie.harms@lib.state.ia.us
  20. Mark McFate, Grinnell College, mcfatem at grinnell dot edu
  21. Robert Manaster, University of Illinois (UC), manaster at illinois dot edu
  22. Brett Cloyd, University of Iowa, brett-cloyd@uiowa.edu
  23. Sue Julich, University of Iowa, suzanne-julich@uiowa.edu
  24. Melody Dworak, Iowa City Public Library, melody-dworak@icpl.org
  25. Deana Greenfield, National Louis University Chicago, deana.greenfield@nl.edu
  26. Colleen Theisen, University of Iowa Special Collections & University Archives, colleen-theisen@uiowa.edu
  27. Ben Rodriguez, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, benrodriguez9@gmail.com
  28. Christine Vivian, University of Iowa, christine-vivian@uiowa.edu
  29. Roberto Arteaga, University of Iowa, roberto-arteaga@uiowa.edu
  30. Beth Kamp, Freelance Librarian, beth-kamp@uiowa.edu
  31. Jon Gorman, University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign, jtgorman@illinois.edu
  32. Kirk Hess, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, kirkhess@illinois.edu
  33. Amy Weidner, Benedictine University, aweidner@ben.edu
  34. Sara Pitcher, Coralville Public Library, spitcher@coralville.lib.ia.us
  35. Amy LeFager, National Louis University, amy.lefager@nl.edu
  36. Mark Baldwin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, mbaldwi2@illinois.edu
  37. Olivia Husman, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, husman2@illinois.edu
  38. Wesley Teal, University of Iowa, wesley-teal@uiowa.edu
  39. Carol Marquardsen, carol.marquardsen@gmail.com
  40. Cate Kompare, cmkompare@gmail.com
  41. Peg Lawrence, Minnesota State University, Mankato margaret.lawrence@mnsu.edu
  42. Graham Hukill, Wayne State University, graham.hukill@wayne.edu
  43. Cole Hudson, Wayne State University, cole.hudson@wayne.edu
  44. Lynne Weber, Minnesota State University, Mankato, lnweber@mnsu.edu
  45. Amber Carlson, Davenport Public Library, acarlson@davenportlibrary.com
  46. Stephen Wynn, Truman State University, swynn@truman.edu
  47. Rebecca Pfenning, Dominican University & Calumet City Public Library, rebeccapfenning@gmail.com
  48. Larry Palmquist, University of Kansas, l-palmquist@ku.edu
  49. Benjamin Klahn, Joliet Public Library, bklahn@jolietlibrary.org
  50. Torii Moré, McLean County Museum of History, TMore@mchistory.org
  51. Logan Jewett, Iowa State University, lejewett@iastate.edu (Sunday only)
  52. Susan Green, Bettendorf Public Library, sgreen@bettendorf.org
  53. Brian Zelip, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, @bzelip, bzelip@illinois.edu
  54. Thomas Keyser, Iowa Library Services, thomas.keyser@lib.state.ia.us
  55. Andrew Holland, University of Iowa Libraries, andrew-holland@uiowa.edu
  56. Mollie Stanford, Arrowhead Library System (Mt. Iron, MN), molliestanford@arrowhead.lib.mn.us
  57. Vicky Maloy, Mount Mercy University, vmaloy@mtmercy.edu
  58. Steve Redmond, Davenport Public Library, sredmond@davenportlibrary.com
  59. Madison Sullivan, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, mesulli3@illinois.edu
  60. Drew Parker, University of Iowa, andrew-parker-1@uiowa.edu

The capacity of our venue requires us to cap participation at 60. Beyond that, please put your name, affiliation and email address on the wait list and we'll email you if a spot opens up for you.


  1. Matt Marcukaitis, Olivet Nazarene University, mwmarcukaitis@olivet.edu

Previous C4L Midwest Regional Meetings

Mailing list

For better or for worse, Code4Lib "Midwest" has low-traffic mailing list/Google group. Consider subscribing.