2013 Code4Lib Midwest Conference

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Inaugural Code4Lib Midwest Meeting

The Inaugural Code4Lib "Midwest" Meeting will be held at the University of Notre Dame:

  • Who - Anybody and everybody is invited, especially if you are interested in aspects of computers and librarianship
  • What - A Code4Lib "mini-conference"
  • When - Friday, June 11 starting at 10 o'clock until Saturday, June 12 around noon
  • Where - Hesburgh Library, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame (Indiana) (home page, maps)
  • Why - Because community is a good thing, and communication is the key to our success


The agenda is be very simple and includes things such as but not limited to:

  • introductions and agenda reformulation
  • lightning talks
  • show & tell
  • lunch at the dinning hall
  • tour of campus
  • some sort of presentation to library faculty/staff where we will try to get a "Code4Lib Challenge" from the audience
  • hack sessions
  • social event at Eric Morgan's house
  • more hacking


There are quite a number of hotels in the immediate area, but the following two are recommended in priority order:

  1. Inn at St. Mary's - Close. Inexpensive. Gets very good recommendations. Probably serves a breakfast. Within walking distance, but also hosts a shuttle service
  2. Morris Inn - On campus and therefore very close. A bit pricey. A nice hotel.


While pre-registration is not required, registration will make it easier for us to plan as well as get you wireless access while you are here. To register, simply send Eric Morgan an email message, and he will keep track of things.


There are no fees with the exception of your hotel and travel costs. At least one lunch and one dinner will be provided.

Mailing list

For better or for worse, Code4Lib "Midwest" has low-traffic mailing list/Google group. Consider subscribing.


We hope you will consider visit us here in northern Indiana. We will do our very best to make it worth your while.