2013 Guide To Wireless

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We strongly encourage users from eduroam institutions [1] to set up with the home institutions before coming to Chicago. UIC is a member of eduroam. Visitors to the UIC campus from other eduroam institutions may connect to the eduroam SSID using their credentials from their home institution.

All users *including* the eduroam ones above have pre-created and active accounts for 2/9/2013 through 2/15/2013. Your user name and password will be on your nametag and will be emailed to your registration account prior to your arrival at UIC.

Connecting to UIC-Guest is simple. Simply connect to the UIC-Guest wireless SSID. Once you are connected, open a web browser to any destination (e.g. www.uic.edu) and a web page will appear requesting your login credentials. Enter your UIC-Guest username and password and click Submit.

All users are subject to UIC's wireless policy [2]