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Proposals close Friday, November 2 at 5pm PT.

Spaces available: 4+ Rooms

Please follow the formatting guidelines:

=== Talk Title ===
* Presenter/Leader, affiliation (optional), and email address (mandatory!)
* Second Presenter/Leader, affiliation, email address, if applicable


Full Day

Drupal4lib sub-con barcamp

This will be a full day of self-selected barcamp style sessions. Anyone who wants to present can write down the topic on an index card and, after the keynote, we will vote to choose what we want to see. Attendees can also pick a topic and attempt to talk someone else into presenting on it.

If we run out of topics, we will pay homage to the project by testing patches for Drupal 8. It is easy, and we will show you how to do this invaluable task.

We will attempt to get one of the local Drupal uber-ninjas to do the keynote and give us some guidance.

  • Contact Cary Gordon, cgordon@chillco.com or Charlie Morris

Half Day Morning

Half Day Afternoon

Data Visualization Hackfest

  • Description: Want to hack/design/plan/document on a team of people who enjoy learning by creating? Interested in data visualization? Well, this hackfest is for you. Not familiar with the concept of a hackfest? See Roy Tennant's "Where Librarians Go To Hack" and the page for the Access 2010 Hackfest. We propose a half-day hackfest with a focus on visualization library data -- think stuff like library catalog data, access/circulation statistics, etc. Here's how it works, roughly:
- we'll (you'll!) do lightning tutorials for some data visualization tools, toolkits (R? d3js? ?), datasets.
- we'll separate into groups and hack on stuff.
- at the end of the day, we'll present our progress.

Not a code hacker? No worries; all skill sets and backgrounds are valuable!

  • Duration: half-day
  • Contact: Chris Beer (cabeer at stanford.edu)

Half Day Evening