2013 social activities


  • Aviary: super-crazy cocktails. http://www.molecularrecipes.com/molecular-mixology/aviary-cocktails/ . List your name if you're interested, whether Sunday, Monday, and/or Tuesday (after newcomer dinners) work, and whether you're just interested in stopping by, or doing a 7 cocktail tasting flight.*
    • statsfool: sunday/monday/tuesday, either drinks or flight.
    • Amyhannah: monday/tuesday, drinks, probably not the flight.
    • anarchivist: sunday/monday, prefer drinks over flight but could be convinced
    • highermath: monday (could use 10 cocktails after Drupal subCon, I am sure). Uber now works in Chicago, so I would do the flight.
    • pberry: any night but Wednesday (that's Goose Island night) and I'd be up for drinks or flight, although leaning away from flight.
    • thatandromeda oh my gosh yes, any time, probably not the flight.
    • gdave beautiful site, I would be interested, Sun,Mon,Tues. either drink or flight.
    • shawnc12: sunday/monday, either drink or flight
    • wdenton: any night, either drink or flight
    • beatricep: sunday/monday drink, highly susceptible to flight by peer pressure..
    • ryan hess: sunday/monday drink or flight
    • infosoph: sunday/monday yes/yes!!
    • Pfeeley: sunday/monday/tuesday, either drink or flight
    • Ksprague: tuesday, drink or flight
    • schwartzray: anything on any day
  • Brewery tour - some possible candidates would be Goose Island, Brew Bus http://www.chicagobrewbus.com/, Piece, Revolution, Half Acre.
  • Library field trips - because we're library geeks. Possible places include Newberry and Read/Write.--Read/Write Library confirmed for February 11.--Newberry Library confirmed for February 14.
  • Art Institute of Chicago - Only open until 5pm, but possible for people coming in early enough on Sunday. There seems to be enough interest here to actually have a group, when and where should we meet? I added my email so that we could discuss details off the wiki.
    • escowles: I'm getting in around noon on Sunday, and interested in this.
    • pgrayove at gmail dot com: I'm getting in around noon on Sunday too. I'm interested.
    • ranti: And I am.
    • tshearerlib: Coming in at around the same time and hope to get to the museum by 1:00. Lunch first?
  • Local Option http://localoptionbier.com/ - So you've heard of Hopleaf, you've heard of Maproom. Come to Chicago's *ahem* best kept secret for good food and an evening session on Monday. We will need a tally to make requisite arrangements. Target for arrival at bar: 7ish. Probably a group gathering to head north around 6:30 in hotel lobby (if you want to take the #8 Halsted bus that is).
    • kayiwa
    • Linda Ballinger
    • Courtney Greene
    • John Pillans
    • +6 from NCSU incl one Bret Davidson
    • Megan Kudzia
    • Andrew Darby
    • erinrwhite
    • Will Clarke
    • Cody Hanson
    • Jesse Brown
    • Matt Cordial +1 (my friend and I were already planning a Monday trip here)
    • Ray Schwartz
    • Eric Larson
    • David Cliff
    • Ken Irwin
    • Dileshni Jayasinghe

Planned Events

Read/Write Library Field Trip, Monday 2/11

Field trip to the Read/Write Library 6:30PM-9PM

Drop in whenever during this time.

Come help catalog the Read/Write Library catalog and hack on the library catalog. We will get food or go to a nearby restaurant depending on interest. We will also invite friends from Code for America to hang out and talk civic data. Bring your laptop along if you have one.

Let us know if you are coming so we can figure out food:

  • Margaret Heller
  • Ranti Junus
  • Wayne Schneider
  • jrochkind will try to make it
  • emily shaw (may be a little late)
  • kenirwin - bailed on acct of pre-conf brain death
  • Andromeda - yes, unless someone gets Aviary reservations
  • Chris Clement - may attend

(hey, there are great bars in that neighborhood!)

  • wdenton

Directions to the library from UIC:


Take the #8 Halsted Bus north to Chicago (Bus will say "#8 Halsted/79th North to Broadway/Waveland") Take the #66 Chicago Bus west to California (Bus will say either "#66 Chicago west to Austin" or "#66 Chicago West to Pulaski." You can take either one because both Austin and Pulaski are further west than we are so both stop at California) The Chicago bus stops on the west side of California, which is the side of the street we're on. On California, walk a block north to Walton.

Train + Bus (slightly faster/more reliable, but only by about 5-10 minutes)

Walk to the UIC/Halsted Blue Line Take the O'Hare train (toward the Loop) and go all the way through the Loop and back west. Get off at Chicago and use the exit that says "North side of Chicago Ave" (or something similar — I don't remember exactly). Take the #66 Chicago Bus west to California (Bus will say either "#66 Chicago west to Austin" or "#66 Chicago West to Pulaski." You can take either one because both Austin and Pulaski are further west than we are so both stop at California) The Chicago bus stops on the west side of California, which is the side of the street we're on. On California, walk a block north to Walton.

Newcomer Dinner, Tuesday 2/12

First time at code4lib? Join fellow c4l newbies and veterans for an evening of food, socializing, and stimulating discussions about demonstrations of the many uses of bacon dongles XML.

Code4Lib veterans, you're invited too. Join us in welcoming the newcomers!


  • When: Tuesday evening (2/12)
  • Time: 6 PM (ish) or whenever you can get your group together
  • Mastermind (if you have any questions): Becky Yoose


  • Max of 6 per group
    • Please, no waitlisting
  • ID yourselves so we can get a good mix of new people and veterans in each group
    • New folks - n
    • c4l vets - v
  • One leader needed for each location (declare yourself! - Vets are highly encouraged to lead the group)
    • Leader duties
      • Make reservations if required; otherwise make sure that the restaurant can handle a group of 6 rowdy library tech type folks
      • Herd folks from hotel to restaurant (know where you're going!)


Restaurants within .25 miles of the hotel

Athena (Greek)

  • Al Cornish - v (leader)
  • Carolyn Cole - n
  • Dileshni Jayasinghe - v
  • Will Clark - n
  • Adam Constabaris - v
  • Patrick Hogan - n
  • Capped at 6

We will meet in the hotel lobby. Leave at 6:15 PM, reservation for six at the Athena at 6:30 PM. It is a short walk down Halsted.

Dine (Contemporary)

Girl and the Goat (American) Top Chef fans take note! This is Stephanie Izard's award-winning resto. Totally booked.

Little Goat

Izard just opened a diner across the street from G&G that is walk-in only. (very good, probably a wait but they also have a bar in the back --wickr)

We'll meet in the lobby of the hotel at 6:30 and walk over. No reservations.

  • Mark Matienzo (leader) - v
  • Andromeda Yelton - n
  • Hillel Arnold (intern) - veteran newbie
  • Kelly Lucas (will meet at restaurant) - n
  • Chris Clement - n
  • Erin Fahey (will meet at restaurant) -n
  • Beatrice Pulliam - n

Haymarket Pub & Brewery (Pub food) - Reservations at 6:30pm. Meet in conference hotel lobby at 6:10pm

  • Ryan Wick (leader) - v
  • Dan Fehrenbach - n
  • Pierre Nault - n
  • Minh-Quang Nguyen - n
  • Matt Bernhardt - n
  • David Gonzalez - n
  • Capped at 7

Karyn’s on Green (Vegan) Completely vegan and close to the conference hotel. We'll meet in the conference hotel at around 6:45 (reservation at 7:00 for 6). Google maps says it is a 5 minute walk.

  • Jason Ronallo (leader)- v
  • Alicia Cozine - n
  • Mark Mounts - v
  • Amy Deschenes - n
  • Adam Strohm - n
  • Jacob Reed - n
  • Capped at 6

Nia (Mediterranean tapas)

Pegasus (Greek) - reservation at 6:30 for 6. We'll meet in the hotel lobby at 6:15 and walk down.

  • Erin White (leader) - v
  • Don Mennerich -n
  • John MacGillivray
  • Santi Thompson - n
  • Jan Waterhouse - n
  • Nell Taylor - v
  • Capped at 6

Roditys (Greek) -- Reservations made for 6:30pm. Let's meet in the hotel lobby at 6pm and walk over from there. Its ok if you're a bit late to the lobby, we'll wait. If you have any questions email Rosalyn (Rosy) rosalynmetz at gmail dot com

Restaurants between .25 miles and .5 miles of the hotel

Code4lib Chicago Celery Salt Society - Al's Beef

  • Jason Casden (leader) - v - No reservations. We can walk from the hotel at 7.
  • Charlie Morris - n
  • Cory Lown - v
  • Carolina Garcia - n
  • Cody Hanson - n
  • Ken Varnum - v
  • Capped at 6

Avec (Small plate) Family-style small plate and tapas. Great Yelp reviews. We'll meet in the conference hotel at 6:00 6:45 (they don't take reservations, but have stuff to sip on if there's a wait). Less than 10 minute walk from hotel.

  • Shaun Ellis (leader) - v
  • Jon Stroop - v
  • Paula Gray-Overtoom - n
  • Emily Zervas - n
  • Cynthia Ng - neither
  • Sarah Dooley - n
  • Capped at 6

Baba’s Village (Indian/Pakistani)

Blackbird (Contemporary)

(Since the reservation is late, does anyone want to meet for drink in the hotel bar beforehand? There's really no place to wait at the restaurant, and there's no nice bar nearby that I can recall. cm)

  • Justin Coyne (reserver) - v - Reservation for Blackbird for 6 at 8:30pm (justin at curationexperts.com)
  • Matt Cordial - v
  • Christine McClure - n
  • Devin Higgins - n (devinhiggins at gmail)
  • Ken Irwin
  • Tad Merchant - n (tadoneus @ gmail)
  • Capped at 6

Carnivale (Nuevo Latino)

  • Nettie Lagace - n/v - reservation is at 8 pm; let's meet at the hotel bar beforehand and merge with the Blackbird group for a bit. I have a red sweater and purple glasses / nettiel at gmail dot com
  • Rebecca Jones - n/v
  • Ben Burbridge - n
  • Andrea Schurr - n/v
  • Geoff Boushey - n
  • James Staub - n > v
  • Capped at 6

De Cero (Mexican)

Dragonfly (Chinese, sushi)

Giordano's (Chicago Style Pizza) This place should be able to handle multiple groups... Meet at hotel lobby at 6ish and we can walk over around 6:15-6:30.

  • Andrew Nagy (leader) - v
  • Virginia Schilling - n
  • Jane Sandberg - n
  • Richard Aroksaar - n
  • Jesse Brown - n (jfbrown78 at gmail dot com)
  • Bob Haschart -v
  • Alicia Morris
  • Ayla Stein - n
  • Sharona Ginsberg - n
  • Andrew Myers - n
  • Jim LeFager - n
  • Stephen Eisenhauer - n
  • Xiaoming Wang -n
  • Greg Murry -n

Grange Hall Burger Bar (Local food)

I Dream of Falafel (Mediterranean) -- No reservations -- this is a casual place. Supposed to be an 8 minute walk from the hotel. Let's meet at 6:20pm in the Crowne Plaza lobby. I have chin-length brown hair and probably will be holding a paper scribbled with 'falafel.'

  • Emily Lynema (leader) - v
  • Christie Peterson - n
  • James Stuart - v
  • Emily Shaw - n (emilyfshaw at gmail dot com)
  • Ian Chan - n (ichan@csusm.edu)
  • Zeno Tajoli - n
  • Capped at 6

Jaipur (Indian; Reservation made for 6 at 6:30) -- Let's meet in the crowne plaza lobby @ 6:15; it's supposed to be a 6 minute walk

  • Andrew Darby (leader) - v
  • Josh Wilson (joshwilsonnc at gmail) - n
  • Tim Thompson - n
  • Mariela Hristova - n
  • ryan hess - n
  • Patrick Feeley - n
  • Capped at 6

La Sardine (French)

MyThai Takumi (Japanese Thai) Reservation at 6:15. Meet in the hotel lobby at 6 pm. Look for the women in a trench coat and hat.

  • Becky Yoose (leader) b dot yoose at gmail - v
  • May Chan - n
  • David Anderson - newby
  • Terry Brady - new
  • Dave Menninger - n
  • Shawn Carraway -n
  • Capped at 6

Nellcôte (French)

Province (American with Central/South American/Spanish influence)

The Publican (Seafood)

  • Jay Luker (eater) - v - Rezzie is for 8pm
  • Mark Matienzo (tweeter) - v started a new newcomer dinner!
  • Devon Smith (pickle eater) - repeat offender
  • Chris Sharp (dead horse beater) - v
  • Michael B. Klein (greeter) - v
  • Bill McMillin (meeter) - n
  • Tom Johnson (treater) -v
  • Capped at 6

Saigon Sisters (Vietnamese) Reservation for 6:15, meet in hotel lobby at 6. I am the one who has been running around in pink tights all day.

  • Margaret Heller - v and leader
  • Sharon Clapp - n
  • Meghan Finch - n
  • James Griffin - n
  • Maura Byrne - n

Thai Urban Kitchen (Thai, sushi)

Trattoria Isabella (Italian)

Vivo (Italian)

Wishbone (Southern Reconstruction)

  • Rachel Shaevel (herder, self-proclaimed dictator, and reservation maker) - n (we're on for 6:15! Meet by the women's restroom when the sessions are over.)
  • Myrna E Morales (follower) - n
  • Sarah Thorngate - n
  • Steven Marsden - n
  • David Lacy - v
  • Luke Gaudreau - n
  • Capped at 6

Restaurants between .5 miles and .75 miles of the hotel

Currents on the River (Eclectic)

N9NE Steakhouse (Steak)

Vera Chicago (Spanish)

Restaurants between .75 miles and 1 mile of the hotel

The Berghoff (German)

  • Declan Fleming - v (leader) I checked reservations, and for 6 people, the first time open after the conf is 7:30, so I grabbed that.
    • Let's meet in the lobby at 7p and walk over!
  • Dave Green - n
  • Steven Villereal - n
  • Peter Murray - v
  • Trey Terrell - n
  • Mike Giarlo - v
  • Capped at 6

Frontera (a Rick Bayliss Mex-American restaurant) Reservations are for 7:30, so perhaps the group could get a drink in the lobby beforehand. Either way, we'll depart at 7pm.

(note: the drinks at the bar at frontera are very tasty.)
  • Dan Suchy (leader and over-eater) - v
  • Matt Critchlow - v
  • Carmen Mitchell - v
  • Maureen Callahan - n
  • David Cliff - n
  • Patrick Berry - 3rd year red-shirt freshman
  • Capped at 6

Native Foods (Vegan) lots of vegan, vegetarian, gluten free options. No reservations needed. We could meet near the convention center or Daley library around 6 and take the train together. Lots of places to get drinks afterwards.

I will wait at 5:30 at outside the UIC forum for anyone who wants to meet here. We'll pick up everyone else at Daley library at 6, then walk to the train station together.

  • Annie Pho(potential leader) - n
  • Lauren Magnuson - n
  • Bennett Magnino - n (meeting outside the Daley library sounds good)
  • Kelly Thompson - n
  • Audrey Altman - n
  • Mackenzie Brooks - n
  • Steven Bassett - n (Can't wait! Native Foods is awesome!).
  • Capped at 7 Unless you can handle more folks!

Restaurants more than 1 mile from the hotel

Green Zebra (Vegan)

Honky Tonk Barbeque (BBQ) ---- I'm interested in Game Night this evening, so I'll make reservations for early dinner at lunch time (when there's some hope of the HT answering the phone). Please let me know if 6:30 is not OK. Lets leave from the UIC Library (front door) at 6:10. It's a moderate walk (a bit less than a mile) from campus; I also have a car, and can drive a couple people if you want.

  • Allan Berry (leader) - n
  • Jason Raitz - n (The #60 bus looks like it would save those of us with a bus pass the walk.)
  • Brian Wu - n (pwu14 at illinois dot edu)(EDIT: Plans sound good. I am also interested in game night. If somehow we don't make it, I have a 4 player game in my hotel room.)
  • Gary Maixner - n
  • Keith Nickum -v
  • Capped at 6

Karyn’s Cooked (Vegan)

La Taberna Tapas (Mediterranean)

Morgan's on Maxwell (Pub food)

Chez Joël (French/Tangiers food) I am leaning towards an early dinner of 6:15 as I have to take-off to make sure the Game Night takes off without a hitch. So leave the conference hotel by 5:45 if it is walk weather or 6PM if it is taxi weather.

  • Francis Kayiwa (knackered leader) - v
  • Megan O'Neill Kudzia - n
  • Esther Verreau - n
  • Michael Neidhardt - n
  • Rikke Willer - n
  • Esme Cowles - v
  • Capped at 6

Veg*n Dinner

Let's have dinner at a veg*n-friendly place one night of the conference. Folks of all eating styles welcome.

Max *6* people per party this year.

Party #1: Chicago Diner, Wednesday Night http://www.veggiediner.com/ "meat free since '83" Will they easily be able to accommodate 6 folks walking in? We'll plan on meeting in the conference hotel at 6pm and taking the 8 bus up there (3411 N. Halsted St Chicago, IL 60657).

  1. Jason Ronallo (jronallo@gmail.com)
  2. Linda Ballinger (linda dot ballinger at gmail)
  3. May Chan (msuicat at gmail dot com)
  4. Demian Katz (demian DOT katz AT villanova DOT edu)
  5. David Uspal (david dot uspal at villanova dot edu) In for the Country Fried StAEk and/or the Soul Bowl. Ex-Vegetarian (which may make it a crime for me to go), so if the list is full and you still want in, feel free to email me and I'll gladly turn over my spot to an actual Veg*n.
  6. Cynthia Ng (cynthia dot s dot ng at gmail)

Capped at 6

Code4lib/Goose Island Brewing Pull Request

When: Wednesday, 2/13, 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM

More information and sign up at [1]

Bourbon and barbecue

When: Wednesday, 2/13, 7:00 PM

Friend of mine tells me his cousin manages a Chicago restaurant, Chicago q, and I should go there and tell him my friend sent me. Menu keeps talking about artisanal barbecue and extensive bourbon options. DONE.

Reservation is at 7 for a party of 8. Add yourselves.

We can take the number 20 bus to the Red Line. We should plan to meet in the lobby at 6:10; that way we can work with the bus tracker and make a leisurely trip over.

  • Andromeda Yelton
  • Chris Day [cday2 at saic.edu]
  • Abigail Goben
  • Dileshni Jayasinghe [d dot jayasinghe at utoronto dot ca]
  • Ray Mathew
  • Dre (Barbecue, yes. Bourbon... well, we'll see.) akorphan at ncsu.edu
  • Sean Chen schen at law.duke.edu

Islandora Dinner

When: Wednesday, 2/13, Meet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Lobby at 6:10PM or Meet at Pegasus by 06:30PM.

Where: Pegasus

Contact: @jrgriffiniii (griffinj at lafayette dot edu)

Update: Tables Reserved

We've reserved tables for 15 people. Unfortunately, this seems to be the limit set by Pegasus. If you wish, you may attempt to form a second party and reserve the table(s) for 06:30PM.

Discuss and exchange ideas related to the Drupal-based front-end to the Fedora Commons repository! Freely discuss the status of Islandora 7, DiscoveryGarden, Inc. projects, your institutional repository instance(s), non-Islandora experiments in Drupal/Fedora interfacing, or any specific layer of the Islandora application stack.

Non-beery get together

When: Wednesday, 2/13, Meet at hotel lobby at around 6:30 (and take public transport over to the park) OR meet us at the rink at 6:45, skating rink closes at 8 PM

Where: McCormick Tribune Ice Rink

Contact: @dchud, @ranti, @yo_bj (b dot yoose at gmail), @wendyrlibrarian

Cost: $10 skate rental, people watching free

Come and (attempt to) skate with us! This is also a good people watching opportunity, so if you don't want to skate, there will be places to hang out around the rink and the park. There is a cafe near the rink as well, with hot drinks and food.

FYI - For those of you who want something else to munch on while hanging out, there's a Garrett Popcorn Shop a couple blocks away.

  1. Chris Sharp (indicating interest)
  2. Becky Yoose (ready to fall on her butt repeatedly for the entertainment of others)
  3. Peter Murray
  4. Shawn Carraway
  5. Karen Coombs
  6. Michael Levy
  7. Andrew Pasterfield
  8. Virginia Schilling
  9. Al Cornish
  10. Sibyl Schaefer
  11. Kalee Sprague
  12. Luis Baquera (ready to distract everyone with his own fantastic wipeouts while Becky composes herself)
  13. Maccabee Levine
  14. Sarah Shealy (I'm pretty sure I'll fall spectacularly as well :) )
  15. Emily Lynema (interested!)
  16. Gabriel Farrell
  17. Gary Maixner (former hockey player! so no falling from me)
  18. Tim Shearer

Flying Trapeze

When: Monday, 2/11, TBD

Contact: rosalynmetz at gmail dot com

Class is full.

No this is not a joke. If you haven't heard Rosy is an aspiring trapeze artists and wants to bring the fun to her friends in Code4Lib. There is a trapeze rig in Chicago and she plans on visiting it and hopes that some of you can come along as well. If its your first time taking a trapeze class, they'll start you off learning a knee hang and depending on how that goes you might be able to catch it at the end of class. If you have any questions about whether or not this is for you, TSNY Chicago's website should have the answer, if not feel free to contact Rosy.

Trapeze classes are $57, last 2 hours, and are limited to 10 people. Currently TSNY Chicago hasn't release their class schedule for February -- they should be doing that around Jan. 1. If we can get enough people interested before then, we can buy out a whole class. If not it'll be first come, first serve (along with the general public).

If you're interested in signing up, feel free to add your name and contact info to the list below.

Sign Up List

  1. Jay Luker (first!)
  2. Bill McMillin
  3. Bess Sadler
  4. Karen Coyle
  5. Sibyl Schaefer
  6. Rosalyn Metz (because I'm organizing)
  7. Alicia Cozine
  8. Gabriel Farrell

Game Night!

See the http://wiki.code4lib.org/index.php/2013_game_night page for the latest details and to sign up for individual games or add games you're willing to lead/teach!

Moved this from idea to an actual event. Still getting some details, but here's what we know:

Game Night! Type of games might vary due to interest and what people bring. Looks like interest right now is mostly on light to mediumish games with a dash of abstracts ;).

Rough Schedule:

  • 7:30 setup
  • 7:45 start playing games!
  • 10:00 start winding down (don't start new games)
  • 10:30 all done, turn off the lights
  • I highly recommend that people walk in groups to get back to their respective lodgings. I'll ask folks still around at the end to help me clean up so we can walk back to the conference hotel*

Please bring your badge with. (You don't need to wear it on the way, but that'll help us make sure everyone in the room is supposed to be there.)

We have a conference room (1-470) at the UIC library (Richard J. Daley Library, 801 S. Morgan, Chicago) reserved for 7:30 on Tuesday the 11th. I'll try to show up at the lobby and hang out there for at about 7:15. I'll be the guy with a code4lib nametag and a box of games ;). Not sure how late we'll play, it looks like the library is open till 1:00am, but I suspect I will for now put a rough ending time of 11pm.

(Note, there's also some discussion on Cards Against Humanity. I will try to make sure there's an alternative game, but I don't know if I want to prohibit any games. I would say though to remember to be respectful and courteous to those around you. I will probably be pondering this issue for a while)

The original list of people who signed up is below.

I (Jon Gorman) will bring some board games and pick up some cards. Add your name to the list below if you're interested in attending. Also not if you can bring games. Bringing games is NOT REQUIRED. If you can bring a game you can teach, that's great and will make sure we're not just stuck playing the games I bring.

(I've added some comments to the game lists below)

  • jtgorman, aka Jon Gorman: I'll bring Time's Up: Total Recall, Tsuro, Hey, That's My Fish, Hive, and some more I haven't decided on yet. (My profile over at http://www.boardgamegeek.com/ is jtgorman as well if you want to browse my games and make requests)
  • yo_bj: I have some games I can bring as well (Kill Doctor Lucky, Fluxx, Godzilla: Stomp, Munchkin Zombies, etc.). Monday doesn't have anything major planned...
  • danwho: I 'll bring the Cards Against Humanity set.
  • escowles (Mon/Tue preferred): I've got lots of games I could bring like Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Age of Renaissance, Elfenland, Agricola, Le Havre, Smallworld, RoboRally, etc. etc.
    • Take your pick! All good games. I'll try to finalize my list of games before Friday - JonG
  • jen_young: I'm local and I have quite a few games. Just about every version of Fluxx, Bananagrams, Gloom, Munchkin Cthulu,Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples, Risk, Last Night on Earth, etc.)
    • All good games! If you don't mind bringing a box that would be awesome. I particularly like Apples to Apples, Last Night on Earth and Gloom - JonG
  • decasm: Interested in Go (aka igo, weiqi, baduk) anytime, not just game night. I can do Catan as well. (And as much as I love it, Cards Against Humanity is probably a violation of the new Code of Conduct.)
    • I look forward to losing my first game of Go to you ;) - JonG
    • I'd love to learn Go. Perhaps after the newcomer dinner? Oof... won't make for Tues. But would still be interested to learn. --ranti.
  • csharp: I'm interested in playing games - whatever people bring. I almost always travel with a pack or two of playing cards ;-). Monday or Tuesday nights are fine.
  • moneill: I would love to join in! I have a version of Catchphrase floating around somewhere, and I think I have Battleship...I need to go weed around in that drawer and see what else presents itself. Tuesday would be my preferred night, but I will make it work!
    • Don't worry too much about bringing a game if transportation is a problem. One thing I've done w/ stuff like catchphrase is not take the box but to put pieces and cards in a bag - JOn G
  • demiankatz: I'm always up for a game. I'm hoping to travel light so probably shouldn't bring anything, but if there's a local game shop, I might be persuaded to pick up something new as a souvenir.
    • Don't worry, I think there will be plenty of games - JonG
  • sekjal: I've got Dominion, 7 Wonders, Bang!, EcoFluxx and Guillotine that I can bring. ++ on Cards against Humanity! Prefer non-conflict with beer night.
    • Also all good games. I have 7 Wonders, but can bring some other games if you bring that. - Jon G
  • arty: so totally interested. Unfortunately, I have no games to contribute.
    • No prob.
  • sanderson: I would be interested. I can bring Citadels (2-7 players)
    • Citadels would be awesome and means I don't have to bring it ;) - JonG
  • dvdndrsn: Definitely in! Can bring Innovation, Tichu, Dominion, but Cards Against Humanity sounds good.
    • I'll put in a vote for Tichu, heard good things about it - Jon G
  • smkiewel: I'm likely to join. Can bring Arkham Horror and Munchkin.
    • Arkham Horror seems rather bulky to travel with, but if you want to play bring it ;) - Jon G
    • mbutler: If someone actually brings Arkham Horror I'd throw down. Otherwise, whateve.
  • jkwilson: I'd like to attend Monday or Tuesday. I have a bunch of games but I'd prefer not to travel with them, and anyway it sounds like they're covered above. I'll bring the 5-6 player Catan extension.
  • ejlynema: Interested, but will probably attend Newcomer dinner on Tuesday. Like Dominion and 7 Wonders, but probably don't have room to bring in suitcase. Anyone bringing Tsuro?
    • I can bring Tsuro - Jon G
  • Christie Peterson (save4use): Also interested, but also probably attending newcomer dinner on Tuesday. Can bring Bohnanza and one deck of Set.
    • Bohnanza and Set would be awesome - JonG
    • Done! I will bring them both -- C
  • dgcliff: I'd be interested. Can bring Ticket to Ride.
  • mbklein: definitely interested. Will check on my (currently unpacked) games. I am dying to play Cards Against Humanity. If we can't find a way to reconcile it with the Code of Conduct, we need a different Code of Conduct.
    • Considering that this is a public event, and that no one knows everyone's sensitivity levels in the room, it might not be a good idea to break out a crass, adult version of apples to apples in the middle of the gaming room. :cP (yo_bj)
  • duspal: In. My board game collection is small but mighty (Arkham Horror, Catan, Vampire: Prince of the City, Deadlands: Battle for Slaughter Gulch, Arabian Nights, Diplomacy, Shogun, and Cosmic Encounter off the top of my head, amongst a few others). Let me know ahead of time if anyone is interested, since they're all relatively big...
    • If you really want to play Cosmic Encounter, I can bring my copy (Fantasy Flight edition, 3 expansions), just let me know - JonG
  • librarywebchic: I'm willing to bring a set and teach folks how to play Majhong. Need at least three to play though.
    • beatricep: Uno gets no respect. ;-) @librarywebchic: I have always wanted to learn to play Majhong. If you're still bringing it, I'm in!
    • Agreed, I don't know Majhong and I love learning new games. - JonG
    • I actually know a few different rule sets. It's too bad I don't have a travel set or I'd bring a 2nd one -Arty
    • I'm local and can bring a mahjong set. I've had no one to play with for years, so have probably forgotten how. -Linda B
  • jcraitz: I'm in after the newcomer dinner. I'll bring Citadels and Bang!
    • I think someone higher in the list offered to bring citadels, but won't hurt to have two copies just in case one of you don't show ;) - JonG
    • Aww no. left my games at the office. Looks like I'll have to jump in someone else's game.
  • julia: I'll be the freeloader who showed up and didn't bring any games.
  • kenirwin: interested in attending
  • sdellis: attending
  • ianc: interested in attending, a little rusty but definitely up for a couple rounds of Mahjong, also want to try something new too!
  • haschart: Interested in attending, if I can make it work with the newcomer dinner. Big fan of Dominion lately, but probably cannot bring it `cause the "Big Box" with the base game and two expansion sets is bigger than my suitcase. I could bring "Race for the Galaxy" if there's any interest.
  • jessebrown: Interested in attending. I can bring Set and Zombie Fluxx.
  • terrywbrady: I would like to attend
  • dan fehrenbach (dnfehren): I would like to attend, can bring Pandemic if anyone is interested.
  • dileshni: interested in attending.
  • Corey Harper: definitely interested in attending if space allows.
  • saverkamp: interested in attending.
  • Emily Shaw: I like games.
  • Alan Dyck: I play Carcassonne and Munchkin among others. I see those listed so I'm bringing a game some friends and I have been creating: Wandering Monster.
  • Heidi Frank (hf36@nyu.edu) - I love card games like gin/rummy, but am open to anything.
  • Sibyl Schaefer - attending, and will bring anything that fits in my carry-on
  • cpsarason - I'm up for whatever!

-- *Please, please, please, if you're signing up on this list, also sign up for a paritcular game slot to start out the evening or put your game in: http://wiki.code4lib.org/index.php/2013_game_night we're having so many people sign up after Jan. 14th we're in risk of overflowing the room. (I should have put in a cap limit, but given how late I realized this, I haven't *

I have to confess, I started trying to organize what games certain people were bringing, but it got confusing fast and I don't want anyone to feel compelled to bring anything or feel bad if they can't make it. So if there is something you're dying to play, let me know and I'll try to bring it if I have it.

UNC v Duke?

I'm going to watch the UNC/Duke game somewhere in the lobby of the conference hotel. Probably won't be there when it starts at 8:00 but will as soon as skating is done.

Tim Shearer (tshearer at email dot unc dot edu) - instigator

Social Map - Places of Interest


Layar: augmented reality Code4Lib view of Chicago

There's a "Code4Lib 2013" layer in Layar, an augmented reality app that runs on both Android and iOS. You can use it to scan around the city to see two kinds of things: 1) tweets using the #c4l13 or #code4lib hashtag (if the tweets are geolocated so they can be nailed to a point) and 2) points of interest from the shared Google Map.

To use it:

  • install Layar on your phone
  • run it and click to go into Geo Layers mode
  • search for "code4lib 2013"
  • launch the layer and look around

See Code4Lib people and events overlaid on top of Chicago, in real time! See an alternate view of the city that's all about libraries and coders!

To make your own tweets appear, use the #c4l13 hashtag and make sure the tweet is geolocated. In Twitter's client you need to do this by enabling geolocation in settings and then enabling it for each tweet.

Source code running this: Laertes. Bill Denton set it up and is very curious to find out if it's useful, so let him know if you try it out.

Local Events

Events Listings

Local Food

Local Drinks

Chicago Events Feb 10-14

Sunday February 10

Theater - Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind "...with its ever-changing "menu," is an attempt to perform 30 plays in 60 minutes. " 7pm.

Theater - Chunks : Funny, Heartbreaking, Gross. 7pm & BYOB!

Monday February 11

Music - Robbie Fulks at the Hideout

fedora4lib - 7 pm to whenever

Tuesday, February 12

Concert - The Fat Babies playing at an awesome venue, The Green Mill.

fedora4lib - 7 pm to whenever

Wednesday, February 13

Thursday, February 14

Tour of the Newberry Library -- 3:30 p.m. This will be a special tour for Code4Lib attendees, so please sign up below if you are interested, as I'll need to give the tour guide an estimate of how many people will come. Details on how to get to the Newberry will follow. Questions? Contact ballingerl at newberry dot org

Directions: The Newberry is at 60 W Walton St. It could take half an hour to get there from the conference hotel via CTA, so those of you who wish to take public transit as a group can meet me (look for the very long green & white scarf) in the hotel lobby by 3:00. We will then go to the UIC-Halsted El stop (5 blocks from hotel), change trains in the Loop, then walk 3-4 blocks to the Newberry. Otherwise, plan on making your preferred way there and meet in the Newberry lobby by 3:30.

Sign Up List

  1. Michael Doran - doran@uta.edu
  2. William Denton - wtd@pobox.com
  3. Wayne Schneider - wschneider@hclib.org
  4. Matt Cordial - rev3lator [at] gmail.com
  5. ryan hess - mhess8 [at] depaul.edu
  6. Richard Aroksaar - richard_aroksaar@nps.gov
  7. Laurie Lee Moses - lmoses [at] colum.edu
  8. Ray Schwartz - schwartzr2@wpunj.edu
  9. May Chan - msuicat [at] gmail.com
  10. Nick Cappadona - nick.cappadona@cornell.edu
  11. Zeno Tajoli - z.tajoli [at] cineca[DOT]it
  12. Tod Olson - tod at uchicago


There's a Code4Lib 2013 in Chicago collaborative playlist on Rdio. If you're a subscriber, have a look, and add something you think everyone would like to hear or use as their personal soundtrack while they're hacking and exploring Chicago.