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Code4Lib 2013 T-Shirt Design Proposals

Designs for the official Code4Lib 2013 conference are now being solicited! Submit your proposal by December 31 for consideration!

Here's how it'll work:

  • One entry per person, please. (We reserve the right to rescind this rule if we're in need of extra submissions)
  • T-shirt designs should be 1-sided, single color designs suitable for screenprinting.
  • Include your name and e-mail address with your proposal.
  • Post an image file of your print-ready proposal to this wiki page. You can host the image yourself or use the Upload file feature of the wiki. If your print-ready document is different from your displayed image, include a link to the print-ready file.
  • If you want, you can add a line or two of explanatory text, color specifications, etc., which will be included with your design on the Dieboldatron.
  • Place a horizontal rule (----) on a separate line after your submission.
  • All proposals posted to this wiki page while the calendar year is still 2012 will be considered.
  • Questions? Direct them to akorphan (at) ncsu.edu

Sample submission

Joe Ouroboros, joe (at) loopback.edu :


This is my awesome design.


List your submissions below!


Junior Tidal


This is my proposal image for the code4lib t-design for the 2013 conference. It's the Willis tower with the words code4lib, with the tower acting as the "L" with Chicago 2013 underneath.

The image used was taken from the Wikimedia Commons.


Joshua Gomez

jngomez @t gwu.edu

My second attempt to get this design on the code4lib t-shirt

C4l13 design joshwilson.jpg

Josh Wilson

joshwilsonnc at gmail

Minimalist. Also stripey.


Karen Coyle

Reflecting my desire for good connectivity at c4l2013 :-)

Put-a-nerd-on-it.png Put-a-nerd-on-it-color.png

Shaun Ellis shaune at princeton dot edu

This is two color variations of one design. And, in case anyone doesn't get the reference: Put a bird on it video

Got-git-nogo.png Got-git-no-octocat.png

Shaun Ellis shaune at princeton dot edu

I asked permission to use the octocat. If it's not possible, we could use a normal "o" as git is under GPLv2 and has no such restrictions on use. Update: GitHub regrets to have to deny use of the octocat or GitHub branding because they are not a sponsor or organizing the event. We will not be voting on the octocat version. I did inquire about GitHub sponsorship though... :)

Cold4lib small.jpg

Charlie Morris, cdmorris@ncsu.edu

Original photo courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/fatty/52368705/ (Creative Commons)

I know mine is late…I didn't know about the deadline on the 31st. I humbly ask that it be considered. If not…well…I will be heartbroken, but will somehow pull through.

I am having a professional artist from the IconFactory help me design this (I confess to having an ulterior motive).

I'm Rich Wolf (rich wolf@uic.edu) and I'm presenting.

This idea picks up on the Chicago city colors (white, blue, red) and shows Libby, the Librobot: