2014 Breakout II (Wednesday)

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breakout: UX in organizational culture

Blame @erinrwhite for notes.

Coral facilitates. Her question for the group is, how can we overcome the focus on library experience and focus instead on user experience?

what's your problem?

Introductions. Common problems:

  • "Just make a web page!"
  • "I can figure this weird arcane and overly complicated thing out. Why can't anyone else?"
  • Convincing stakeholders that design isn't print design, doesn't need to be the same for everyone and isn't static.
  • Redesign by committee, have mercy!
  • Getting ready for a redesign
  • Publishing/learning about UX research. Who's going through IRB, who's publishing this stuff?
  • Devaluation of UX work in library, funding or mandate
  • UX not being built into organizational policies etc.
  • How can we scale up UX above and beyond one-project research? Expanding to include more projects beyond the website?
  • How can we convince our organizations to not recreate the org chart with the website?
  • Trying to create a UX position that is beyond web librarian
  • Not just testing sites with librarians (!)
  • What about user experience for back-of-house software?
  • I'm a web team of one. Help?
  • "Put the MARC view back in the catalog!"
  • Do we really need to default to advanced search? Battling the exceptions vs the average user?
  • Taking a guerrilla approach to UX research
  • Not a lot of staff in digital area
  • Moving from a culture of complaint to a culture of...fixing

A couple folks here working in organizations that have UX and assessment built into the culture. Thanks in advance for your knowledge, y'all!


We broke into sub-groups:

  • Making time
  • Changing culture
  • Beyond the website