2014 During the Conference Volunteers

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code4lib 2014 During the Conference Volunteers

Hospitality Suite Committee

This committee makes arrangements for any hospitality suite amenities (technology, snacks, games, icebreakers...) we may want.

Welcome Wagon Committee

Offers conference newcomers an opportunity to self-identify; offers oldtimers an opportunity to meet newcomers. May also want to constitute a year-round variation for #code4lib.

  • Becky Yoose (b.yoose at google)

Social Networking

Responsible for non-IRC social networking presence.

1-2 person(s) to take questions for sessions (assuming there's time during the session) via Twitter/IRC, and adding resources to lanyrd schedule (slides, notes, resources mentioned, etc.) Make a note if you can only do one or both.

Consider directing people with questions to presenter on twitter/IRC (if applicable) if there is no time for questions.

Tuesday AM

Tuesday PM

  • Coral Sheldon-Hess (@web_kunoichi on Twitter, coral on IRC)

Wednesday AM

Wednesday PM

Thursday AM

IRC Evangelists

Demonstrate how to get onto #code4lib during Registration. Offer support for newcomers in #code4lib during the conference.

One of the easiest ways to participate is to Go here with your web browser. Choose a nickname (anything works so long as it is unique; if you want to be anonymous pick appropriately). Enter "code4lib" as the "Channel".

If you've managed to get into the channel without help, type "@helpers" (without the quotes) to see a list of #code4lib helpers.

  • Becky Yoose (yo_bj in IRC)
  • Riley Childs (rowdychildren)

IRC Access

Look into technology/procedures to make connecting to, and maintaining a connection to, IRC less painful. i.e. make sure wifi will allow connection, and someone needs to contact freenode about the sudden influx of people

  • Riley Childs (rowdychildren in irc) (7044972086 if serious issue)
  • Jeff Campbell


  • Riley has contracted Freenode, waiting on confirmation from ops team (3/15)
  • Riley Learned that we had been given a block of Class B private IP addresses, he is trying to get in contact with the Hotel Staff (3/18)

Registration Desk Volunteers

CONCENTRA will be working at the registration desk. We are looking for possibly one person to be a code4lib presence at the desk on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday 8-9 am

Adam Constabaris (first dot last with the cases on the down-low at gmail)


Tuesday AM

  • Cary, boring, but reliable. Somewhat taller than Becky.

feel free to replace me with someone more interesting

Tuesday PM

  • Dre, destroyer of cookies, doesn't look as good in a hat as Becky.

Wednesday AM

  • Becky, destroyer of last names, singer of badly adapted show tunes

Wednesday PM

  • Rosalyn, destroyer of fun, not as entertaining as Becky

Thursday AM

  • Cynthia, destroyer of jokes, babbler of the universe

Session Timer Volunteers

People who volunteer to sit up front, keep time (and bring timer equipment - i.e. a laptop with a stopwatch program). It's good to have two people in each slot to back each other up in case of machinery failure.

Schedule for Session Timers

Tuesday AM

  • Francis Kayiwa
  • Dan Kerchner

Tuesday PM

  • Peter Murray
  • Ranti Junus

Wednesday AM

  • Maura Carbone
  • Megan Kudzia

Wednesday PM

  • Violeta Ilik
  • William Hicks

Thursday AM

  • Bret Davidson


  • Michael Klein
  • Bobbi Fox

Assistance with Valerie Aurora's Keynote

We need 2-4 volunteers to pass out index cards and collect them back and deliver them to the stage.

  • Jason Casden

Whatever Else Needs to be Done

  • Roy Tennant, royt in channel, text to 707-287-5580
  • Riley Childs, rowdychildren, 7044972086 (I will do whatever, but I maybe running the stream.)