2014 Notes for Speakers

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These notes are UNOFFICIAL. If you are qualified to put up official notes, or even if you just have a better idea, have at it.


If you use your own computer:

  • Download and install Desktop Presenter from the Wirecast site.
  • Bring an RJ-45 network adapter, if you need one.
  • Have VGA video out, or a suitable adapter.

If you use our computer:

  • Preload your presentation before the session.

Lightning talkers:

  • Please plan to use our computer, if at all possible.

Podium computer

There will be a Windows 7 laptop on the podium. It includes:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • IE
  • Adobe Reader XI
  • Microsoft Office 2010 (including PowerPoint)
  • Streaming software

Please use this computer if at all possible. Bring your presentation on a USB drive and preload it before your session.

Screen webcast

  • via Wirecast Desktop Presenter software;
    • This will be installed on the presentation computer, if any, and be provided to presenters using their own machines on a USB key. It is also available for download from the Wirecast site.
    • Presenters must install the software before presenting.
    • Mac and Windows only.
    • In theory, this can work with Linux and Wine. Good luck.
  • If the software isn't installed or isn't working, we will point a camera at the screen for your presentation.


We are recording audio. No matter how loud you can speak, use the microphone. Make sure that it is pointed at your mouth (really).


There will be a wired connection at the podium. If your computer requires an adapter to accept an RJ-45 connector, please bring one. Note that nothing is perfect, so if you can do your presentation without the internet, please prepare for that. If not, jokes are okay, but please do not, under any circumstances, read the monologue from Butterflies are Free.


If you are going to use the podium computer, please bring your presentation on a USB drive and preload it before your session (i.e. Tuesday Afternoon, etc.). If you are using your own computer, please test your presentation and make sure that you have the proper hardware for a wired internet connection and VGA (15 pin sub-d connector) video and that you know how to control screen assignment and resolution. If you are borrowing a computer from some random person, perhaps we can get the bar open early.

Lighting talkers

If you have a presentation please preload it on the podium computer before the start of the session (not the start of your talk or the start of the lightning round. There will not be time to setup[ the webcast on your computer between talks.

Thank you!

Relax and savor the moment.