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Code4Lib 2014 T-Shirt Design Proposals

Designs for the official Code4Lib 2014 conference are now being solicited! Submit your proposal by January 3 January 6 for consideration!

What to do:

  • Post an image file of your print-ready proposal by editing this wiki page. You can host the image yourself or use the Upload file feature of the wiki. If your print-ready document is different from your displayed image, include a link to the print-ready file.
  • Include your name and e-mail address with your proposal.
  • If you want, you can add a line or two of explanatory text, color specifications, etc., which will be included with your design on the Dieboldatron.
  • Place a horizontal rule (----) on a separate line after your submission.

Design considerations:

  • T-shirt designs should be one-sided, single color designs suitable for screenprinting.
  • This year's shirt will NOT BE BLACK. We anticipate that it will be available in 3 colors: Carolina Blue (light blue), Duke blue (royal blue), and NC State red, as long as this works with the t-shirt design itself.

Tedious administrivia:

  • All proposals posted to this wiki page before 11:59 PM EST January 3 January 6 will be considered.
  • The winning design will be selected via community-wide voting in January.
  • Questions? Direct them to cdmorris22 (at) gmail (dot) com and joshwilsonnc (at) gmail (dot) com. One of us will get you an answer.

Sample submission

Joe Ouroboros, joe (at) loopback.edu :


This is my awesome design. It'll win one of these years.


List your submissions below!

Jeffrey Sabol jeffrey.sabol@cui.edu:

Code4lib tshirt.jpeg

White ink on a dark color T-shirt OR Black ink on a light color shirt

Favenzio Calvo fcalvo at fsu dot edu

Shirt design code4lib small.png

Print Ready File

Chris Markman cmarkman@clarku.edu


Fitz, chrisfitzpat at gmail dot com Original idea was too edgy/offensive for people to handle. Taken from this . Noticed a couple of things that need to be fixed, but I think you get the idea. Here is a transparency


Ashley Blewer, ashley.blewer (at) gmail (dot) com

Code4lib tshirt blewer.png