2015 Code4Lib Midwest Meeting

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Code4Lib Midwest 2015 Meeting

Mark your calendars -- The Ohio State University Libraries will be hosting the Code4Lib Midwest 2015 meeting in Columbus, OH.


Code4Lib MidWest meeting will be hosted by The Ohio State University Libraries.

  • When - July 23 and July 24, 2015
  • Where - Thompson Library, room 165 at OSU
  • Who - contact person: Terry Reese (reese.2179@osu.edu )


Suggested Hotels

  • The Blackwell Inn (2110 Tuttle Park Place, Columbus, OH 43210 :: +1 (614) 247-4000)

-The Blackwell Inn is located on campus, roughly 0.2 miles from the Thompson Library.

-The Varsity Inn South is roughly 1.7 miles from the Thompson Library.

Directions, restaurants, and more


Thursday, July 23rd


Friday, July 24th


Social Media Goodness

Twitter hash tag: #c4lmw

Technical Details

  • We'll have a Projector station with hookups, as well as a community PC Laptop with Powerpoint.
  • Both a wired and wireless mic
  • Wifi

Programming Sign-up

Code4Lib Midwest programming depends on the folks attending the conference. Please consider giving a presentation or lightning talk, or submitting your ideas for the hackfest/workshop.

Share what you are working on! Add your name and a description below. Please also let us know how long you'll need, and whether you prefer Wednesday or Thursday (or if it doesn't matter)

Presentations or Workshops

ActiveSierra - Sean Crowe and James Van Mil: while waiting for a useful API from III, we've modeled useful bits of the Sierra database for use in Rails apps and in vanilla ruby. We'd be able to present the SierraDNA and ActiveRecord/ActiveModel frameworks with some of the tools we're building (~1 hour?). If folks have access to their home III database systems, we could also host a workshop/hackfest around these tools.

Lightning Talks

Have something cool to share but you don't want to be in front of the room for more than 5 minutes? Lightning talks are for you. Sign up now or at the conference:

Suggested topic: Benefits and risks of attempting user driven development : Early Adopters --> Use Cases --> Agile. Is this an art or a science, a structured process or a dialectic? (Linda Newman and team from UC)


Registration is free. List your name, affiliation, and email address here to register for the meeting. If you signed up and are unable to attend please remove your name or contact us, so that we can make room for others.

Contact Ryan Wick (ryanwick@gmail.com) with your preferred username to set up a Code4Lib wiki account, or ask Terry Reese (reese.2179@osu.edu) to add your name to this list if you prefer not to set up an account.:

  1. David Malone - Wheaton College (david.malone%wheaton.edu)
  2. Ralph LeVan - OCLC (levan@oclc.org)
  3. Britain Woodman - University of Michigan (britainwumichedu)
  4. Angela Galvan - Ohio State University (galvan.as@gmail.com)
  5. Carrie Preston - Ohio University (prestonc@ohio.edu)
  6. Laurie Lee Moses - Center for Black Music Research at Columbia College Chicago (lmoses@colum.edu)
  7. Sasha Griffin - Denison University (griffins@denison.edu)
  8. Daniel Weddington - Berea College (Daniel_Weddington@berea.edu)
  9. Ken Irwin - Wittenberg University (kirwin@wittenberg.edu)
  10. Jane Wu - Otterbein University (jwu@otterbein.edu)
  11. James Van Mil - University of Cincinnati (vanmiljf@ucmail.uc.edu)
  12. Nathan Tallman - University of Cincinnati (tallmann@ucmail.uc.edu)
  13. Sean Crowe - University of Cincinnati (crowesn@ucmail.uc.edu)
  14. Glen Horton - University of Cincinnati (hortongn@ucmail.uc.edu)
  15. Linda Newman - University of Cincinnati (newmanld@ucmail.uc.edu) (If we reach 50 and UC has more than it's share of attendees let me know.)
  16. Jeffrey Mudge - Wheaton College (jeffrey.mudge@wheaton.edu)
  17. Karen Coombs - OCLC (coombsk@oclc.org)
  18. Thomas Scherz - University of Cincinnati (scherztc@ucmail.uc.edu)
  19. Ann Schoenenberger - Kenton County Public Library (Ann.Schoenenberger@kentonlibrary.org)
  20. Christina Harlow - University of Tennessee, Knoxville (charlow2@utk.edu)
  21. Megan Kudzia - Albion College (moneill@albion.edu)
  22. Eric Lease Morgan - University of Notre Dame (emorgan@nd.edu)

The capacity of our venue requires us to cap participation at 50. Beyond that, please put your name, affiliation and email address on the wait list and we'll email you if a spot opens up for you.