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Code4Lib 2015 Committees

If you are interested in helping out with a particular part of the Code4Lib 2015 conference, create an account on this wiki and sign-up for one or more of the groups below (called 'committees' for lack of a better term). Each committee should select a committee lead that will coordinate the activities of the committee and its work with the hosting site. Discussions of a non-sensitive nature should take place on the Code4LibCon mailing list for transparency and future reference. Please feel free to improve the summary statements for each of the committees. When adding your name, please indicate 'v' if you are a veteran on the committee so that we ensure committees are not made up entirely of newbies.

We will assign a local contact to each committee.

Location and Dates

(more details at http://code4lib.org/conference/2015)

  • Location: Hilton Portland and Executive Tower, Portland, Oregon
  • Dates:
    • Pre-conferences - February 9th, 2015
    • Main meeting - February 10th - 12th, 2015
    • Post conference activities?

Book Give-Away Committee

This committee solicits books and other prizes to be given away in raffles during the conference. This committee is responsible for identifying some means of performing the actual raffle (aka, a random picker app or other tool for selecting winners). Drawing names out of a hat could be low-tech entertaining.

Need about 2 months to get books shipped to the conference location.

Keynote Speakers Committee

This committee plans who to invite for the keynote speakers. They gather possibilities (including soliciting from the community), organize voting, and work with the speakers to arrange their travel.

Onsite Volunteer Committee

This committee solicits volunteers to do whatever tasks are needed in person at the conference. Could be a help to the program committee to solicit MCs, timers, mike runners (if needed), IRC volunteers, registration helpers (if needed), etc.

  • Whitni Watkins
  • Dre

Pre-conference Committee

This committee plans the pre-conference day. It keeps strong lines of communications open with the Program Committee. It also helps shepherd events on the day itself.

Program Committee

This committee plans the structure of the program, arranges the voting on presentations, etc. This includes soliciting regular talks. These folks will also manage the flow of the program at the conference -- introducing speakers or soliciting other volunteers to MC.

Scholarships Committee

This committee works with funding institutions to arrange the scholarships offered. They solicit submissions and select winners of the scholarship(s). They also work with the winners to plan their travel and arrangements.

  • Sarah Shealy - v
  • Ruth Kitchin Tillman
  • Francis Kayiwa
  • Bohyun Kim
  • Mairelys Lemus-Rojas

Social Activities Committee

The committee plans, proposes, and organizes the evening activities.

  • Becky Yoose - v(committee member 4 life)
  • Sarah Shealy
  • Bohyun Kim
  • Whitni Watkins
  • Rachel Vacek

Childcare Committee

Committee to evaluate needs and explore possibilities for on-site child care at the conference. Will implement whatever is determined to be possible this year and develop guidelines for future conferences.

  • Sara Amato (lead)
  • Christina Salazar

Sponsorships Committee

This committee organizes the sponsorship activities. Usually it includes people within the Code4Lib community who think their institution or company might be interested in sponsoring the conference. These folks may not be the decision makers at the sponsors, but they are Code4Lib's contacts.

  • Evviva Weinraub, Oregon State University Libraries, evviva.weinraub@oregonstate.edu - local contact
  • Roy Tennant, OCLC, firstnamelastname@gmail.com

Streaming Video Committee

  • Cary Gordon has equipment, experience and domain knowledge to share.
  • Riley Childs has Knowledge and the YouTube Account credentials (he will consult but conf attendance is iffy)

T-Shirt Committee

This committee organizes the t-shirt contest, collecting submissions, and putting out the call for votes. This committee is also responsible for helping the local planning committee identify a vendor that will fit within the budget constraints for the conference. User sizes and preferences will be obtained as part of the registration process.

Voting Activities Committee

This committee organizes the voting process and works with the other committees that involve voting (keynote, program, T-shirt) to ensure a relatively smooth process.

Whatever Committee

This committee does whatever the organizers can't talk anyone else into doing.

  • Francis Kayiwa
  • Becky Yoose (will do things for mortgage payment assistance)
  • Christina
  • Sarah Simpkin
  • Ranti Junus
  • Whitni Watkins
  • Sarah Park
  • Bojana Skarich

Wifi / Electrical / IRC

This committee is responsible for working with local planners to ensure that wifi will be able to support the needs of the code4lib community.

  • Cary Gordon, cgordon@chillco.com
  • Riley Childs is able to assist with Wireless planning and IRC stuffs, rchilds@cucawarriors.com (he will consult but conf attendance is iffy)


To help with documention, no need to sign up, just start editing.

Documentation Interest Group

Promote ongoing documentation efforts.