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When: Tuesday, February 10th - 7pm - 10pm (ish)

Where: eBay Offices - 1400 SW 5th Ave, Portland, OR 97201

The Craft Brew Drinkup at Code4lib 2015 is all about sharing and enjoying good beer, soda, and other drinks with fellow conference attendees. The idea is to bring bottles of your favorite beers or non-alcoholic drinks.

While you're not obligated to bring local brews from wherever you're from, participants are definitely encouraged to bring brews that you think is special and might be somewhat hard for others outside your area to find. Homebrew is especially welcome as are non-alcoholic beverages. There will be hot water available for those who want to bring in their tea blends as well!

This year, eBay has agreed to host the Code4Lib Drinkup at their offices in downtown Portland, a 6 block walk from the conference hotel. Attendees should expect to bring something to share, either drinks or snacks.

Please Note: The space must be cleaned up and all folks gone no later than 11pm.

Space is limited to the first 200 people who register.


Please sign up below to share the brews and bottles you're thinking of bringing along and make any special requests (but don't expect that your wishes will be granted).

Name Bringing Wanting
Esmé Cowles Cigar City 110K+OT Batch #7 or Marshal Zhukov, Homebrew Imperial Saison Any saison or sour!
Francis Kayiwa (at least the following) Boulevard Quad Bourbon Barrel, Weyebacher Althea Scotty Karate barleywines and any porters
Becky Yoose N/A Soda from Sprecher Brewery, Sprecher Root beer float flavored popcorn, selection of Finnish teas N/A drinks :c) Melon soda (not Ramune) greatly appreciated
Tania Fersenheim Something from Pretty Things ...
Ben Armintor Stuff from NY that Matienzo & Harlow don't bring Farmhouse beers, tasty low-ABV beers
Justin Coyne Surly Darkness? ...
Whitni Watkins Non-alcoholic Ginger beer options: at least Reed's & Saranac Lake. Potentially one other local brewed Ginger beer. If you have a request from Upstate NY HMU whitni.watkins at gmail (alcoholic and N/A) Ginger Beers & Ales specifically: Fentimans, River City, Bundaberg and Blenheim Red Hot
Sarah Simpkin Accepting requests for tasty Quebecois beers -- see this list for breweries. Otherwise will grab a small selection. Contact me at sarahsimpkin at gmail.com :-) Hefeweizen-y beers appreciated
Coral Sheldon-Hess Bourbon-barrel aged assam tea (1oz), Whiskey Cinnamon Snap rooibos tea (~1.5 oz), and Brandy Oolong tea (.5 oz), plus 1-2 reusable brewing devices Ginger ale, anything bourbony, anything imperial and stoutish
mx matienzo Transmitter Brewing B2, De Molen SSS Triple Stout 2011, perhaps a couple southern Upstate NY ciders, ...? Saisons, sours and gueuzes, weird ciders, other horseblankety stuff
David Bass TBT ...
Christina Harlow Probably something from Grimm...? Who knows, stuff from Brooklyn & stuff from Eastern Tenn/Western NC (Highland brewery?) English bitter type stuff or stouts
Tom Johnson Portland/Willamette Valley things you might not find downtown. Heater Allen, Pfriem, The Commons, Block 15, and/or Crux Fermentation. Homebrew (Old Ale brewed in October and racked over the winter). ...
Ranti Junus Non-alcoholic something and probably some pu-erh tea. N/A drinks
Chad Nelson Weyerbacher Riserva, Dogfish Head Miles Davis Bitches' Brew, Allagash FOUR, Neshaminator miller lite
Maura Carbone Something from Mass or CT or both, not a beer drinker, so I'll see what I find! N/A drinks or a hard cider or two
Sandy Rodriguez Boulevard Tank 7; perhaps something from Mother's Brewing scotch ales, brown ales, stouts, saisons
Dominic Bordelon Louisiana beers besides Abita; probably LA 31 and Covington, maybe a Nola or two ...
Tara Robertson smoked porter from Yellow Dog Brewing, Belgian rye IPA from Four Winds non-alcoholic ginger beer
Matt Critchlow I'll try to hunt down some new San Diego offerings (there are many) homebrew, belgians
Jeremy Nelson Left Hand's Wake Up the Dead Imperial Stout or other Colorado Stout/Porter stouts and porters
Heather Pitts Mid-Willamette Valley stuff sours, stouts, porters, ginger ciders or meads
Jeremy Floyd A selection from Great Basin Brewing Co. in Northern Nevada saisons, sours, anything unique
Misty De Meo A bottle from Vancouver's Artisan SakeMaker stouts, porters, any dark beers really
Jon Earley From Michigan, Founders Dirty Bastard and Greenbush Anger ginger ale, anything unique
Eric Frierson Austin's own Live Oak HefeWeizen, provided TSA doesn't confiscate the growler in my checked luggage scottish ales, tripels would be nice.
Andrew Myers Spencer trappist ale, and maybe something from the new place down the street hops
Bobbi Fox home-baked crisp rosemary flatbread crackers (we all need *something* to sop up the beer :-) porters, meads
Megan Kudzia From Michigan, Dark Horse Scotty Karate (hopefully, depends on if I can get it) and/or something else unusual from Dark Horse. And pretzels. porters, stouts, darkish ales :)
Julie Hardesty Rogue Dead Guy Ale (I know, not Indiana but it's tasty) ales, meads, grogs (arr!)
Shaun Ellis Neshaminy Creek County Line IPA (Bucks County, PA) bitters
Shaun Ellis Neshaminy Creek County Line IPA (Bucks County, PA) bitters
Sharon Clapp Hooker Brewing Co. (CT) Naughty Nurse, Two Roads Brewing (Ct) Workers' Comp, New England Brewing 966 ales
Aaron Collie Founders Black Rye (reintroduced 2015), New Holland Dragon's milk barrel aged imperial stout. 3 floyds robert the bruce, other scotch ales!!!
Mike Price fresh from the central coast of CA, BarrelHouse Brewing's Stout and IPA
Sarah Park TBA ...
Beatrice Pulliam N/A Shrub elixir ...Ginger beer, ring of fire, hard cider


We could use some help staffing the street-level door and checking IDs. If you're interested in helping, please add your name below and show up at the eBay office (1400 SW 5th Ave) at 6:30pm

Sign-up Sheet

Heather Pitts