2015 During the Conference Volunteers

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code4lib 2015 During the Conference Volunteers

Preconference Setup Help

Help manage preconference sessions, setting up projectors, etc.

  • John Sarnowski (at ResCarta)
  • Whitni Watkins (at NimbleLibrarian)

Welcome Wagon Committee

Offers conference newcomers an opportunity to self-identify; offers oldtimers an opportunity to meet newcomers. May also want to constitute a year-round variation for #code4lib.

  • Becky Yoose (b.yoose at google)

Social Networking

Responsible for non-IRC social networking presence.

1-2 person(s) to take questions for sessions (assuming there's time during the session) via Twitter/IRC, and adding resources to lanyrd schedule (slides, notes, resources mentioned, etc.) Make a note if you can only do one or both.

Consider directing people with questions to presenter on twitter/IRC (if applicable) if there is no time for questions.

  • Whitni Watkins (at NimbleLibrarian)

Beverage Share Setup/Teardown

Help set up and clean up after the Tuesday event at the Ebay offices.

  • Karen Estlund - setup
  • John Sarnowski - clean up (at ResCarta)
  • Dominic Bordelon - clean up
  • Whitni Watkins - setup (at NimbleLibrarian)

IRC Helpers

Demonstrate how to get onto #code4lib during Registration. Offer support for newcomers in #code4lib during the conference.

  • Chad Nelson (bibliotechy)

One of the easiest ways to participate is to Go here with your web browser. Choose a nickname (anything works so long as it is unique; if you want to be anonymous pick appropriately). Enter "code4lib" as the "Channel".

If you've managed to get into the channel without help, type "@helpers" (without the quotes) to see a list of #code4lib helpers.

IRC Access

Look into technology/procedures to make connecting to, and maintaining a connection to, IRC less painful. i.e. make sure wifi will allow connection, and someone needs to contact freenode about the sudden influx of people

  • Mx Matienzo (anarchivist)

Registration Desk Volunteers


  • John Sarnowski (at ResCarta)




Tuesday AM

Tuesday PM

Wednesday AM

  • Becky, destroyer of last names, singer of badly adapted show tunes

Wednesday PM

Thursday AM

Session Timer Volunteers

People who volunteer to sit up front, keep time (and bring timer equipment - i.e. a laptop with a stopwatch program). It's good to have two people in each slot to back each other up in case of machinery failure.

Schedule for Session Timers

Tuesday AM

Tuesday PM

  • Maura Carbone

Wednesday AM

  • John Sarnowski (at ResCarta)

Wednesday PM

  • Dominic Bordelon

Thursday AM


Whatever Else Needs to be Done