2015 Game Night

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Right now we don't have much more than an idea, so interested parties are encouraged to come up with plans and update this page at will!


Wednesday, February 11 at 6pm


The Hilton has given us the use of the meeting rooms/ballroom for Game Night. We can't bring in outside food or drink but can order from the hotel restaurant.

For people interested in checking out the local gaming scene:


If you have games that you are planning on bringing, please add them to the table below:

Name Game # Players
Eric Phetteplace Netrunner 2
Dominic Bordelon D&D 5th (i.e. current) edition -- We will play with the free basic rules -- email if you want to sign up as a player; I will bring a few prepped chars for drop-ins 3-7
Steven Anderson Citadels 2-7
@starsplatter Gloom 2-7
Holly Becker Hive 2
Holly Becker Cockroach poker 4-8
Holly Becker Hey, that's my fish! 2-4
Holly Becker Splendor 2-4
Holly Becker Race for the Galaxy or Hansa Teutonica for something heavier 2-6/3-5
Jon Earley Munchkin 3-6
Eric Frierson Magic the Gathering Decks 2-4
Eric Frierson Flash Point 2-6
Mike Abrahamson Small World 2-5
Thom Goodnow Doomtown Reloaded 2-4
Jon Gorman Rage deck with rules for stichlen and parade. 2-5

Contact Info

Any questions? Contact Mike Eaton

Planned Events

Want to get a game group going? Add an event here.


Register your name to play Munchkin. Munchkin 3 to ~6 players

When: 6pm

Where: Meet in the lobby then walk to a nearby coffee shop.

Spot Name
1 Jon Earley - organizer, @jonathanearley
2 James Van Mil - Munchkin newb, @jamesvanmil