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Thank you for considering proposing a pre-conference! Here are a few details:

  • We will be taking pre-conference proposals until November 7, 2014
  • If you cannot or do not want to edit this wiki directly, you can email your proposals to cmh2166@columbia.edu or collie@msu.edu
  • Examples from the 2014 pre-conference proposals can be found at http://wiki.code4lib.org/2014_preconference_proposals
  • If you are interested in attending a particular pre-conference, please append your name below that proposal (indicating interest in more than one proposal is fine!)
  • If you have an idea for a pre-conference, but cannot facilitate yourself please post the idea below and email cmh2116@columbia.edu or collie@msu.edu
  • NOTE: Pre-conferences are NOT included in the Code4Lib Conference price and will be held on Monday, February 9, 2015 as either full day or half day sessions
  • Please use the template for proposals provided in the pre-formatted block below

Proposal formatting guidelines:

=== Preconference Title: ===
One of:
'''"Full Day"''' 
'''"Half Day [Morning]"''' 
'''"Half Day [Afternoon]"''' 

* Facilitator's name, affiliation, and email address
* Second facilitator's name, affiliation, email address, if second speaker


''Interested in Attending''

If you would be interested in attending, please indicate by adding your name (but not email address, etc.) here


Pre-conference Proposals

Post your ideas here!

Intro to Docker

Half Day [Whenever]

  • John Fink, McMaster University, john dot fink at gmail dot com
  • Francis Kayiwa, Kayiwa Consulting , francis dot kayiwa at gmail dot com


Docker (jbfink code4lib journal article) is an open source Linux operating system-level virtualization framework that has seen great uptake over the past year. This workshop will take you through the basic features of Docker, including setup, importing of containers, development workflows and deploying. Knowing when Docker is useful and when it isn't will also be covered. Ideally, every attendee will have ample experience creating and running their own Docker instances by the end.

Interested in Attending

Code Retreat

Full Day

  • Jeremy Friesen, University of Notre Dame, jfriesen at nd dot edu
  • Additional facilitators welcome; Especially if you have CodeRetreat experience.


"Coderetreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. By providing developers the opportunity to take part in focused practice, away from the pressures of 'getting things done', the coderetreat format has proven itself to be a highly effective means of skill improvement. Practicing the basic principles of modular and object-oriented design, developers can improve their ability to write code that minimizes the cost of change over time." About Code Retreat

Interested in Attending

Presentations workshop

"Half Day [Afternoon]" (but could be expanded based on interest)

  • Chris Beer, Stanford University, cabeer@stanford.edu
  • Additional facilitators welcome.

This is a preconference session intended for first time Code4Lib speakers, habitual procrastinators, experienced speakers, those thinking about offering lightning talks, etc. If you're preparing a talk for this year's Code4Lib, this workshop is an opportunity to rehearse your presentation, get feedback from peers, get familiar with the presentation technology, etc.

Interested in Attending

If you would be interested in attending, please indicate by adding your name (but not email address, etc.) here

Dive into Hydra

One of: "Half Day [Afternoon]"

  • Justin Coyne, Data Curation Experts, justin@curationexperts.com
  • Bess Sadler, Stanford University, bess@stanford.edu

Hydra is a collaboration of over 30 educational institutions who work together to solve their repository needs by building open-source software. Dive into Hydra is a course that bootstraps you into the Hydra software framework. We'll start at the basics and walk you through the various layers of the Hydra stack. We'll conclude by installing the Worthwhile gem, enabling every participant to walk away with their own Institutional Repository. Participants who have prior exposure to web programming will get the most out of this course. It's recommended (but not required) that you attend "RailsBridge" prior to this workshop.

Interested in Attending

If you would be interested in attending, please indicate by adding your name (but not email address, etc.) here