2015 T-Shirt Design Proposals

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Code4Lib 2015 T-Shirt Design Proposals

Vendor Selection

We are going with Ink Brigade who use Gildan 5000 / Gildan 5000W for their t-shirts.

For information on sizing, visit the links below using the 'size chart tab'

Mens: http://www.mygildan.com/Categories/T-Shirts/Short-Sleeve/p/5000

Womens: http://www.mygildan.com/Categories/T-Shirts/Short-Sleeve//p/5000L

Portland-area T-Shirt Vendor Quotes

Printer Name Website Contact Preliminary Quote (price per unit) Setup/other fees T-Shirt Notes
LO Swag Northwest http://swagnw.com/ Kodi - LO@swagnw.com $6.79 $105.00 5000 Gildan - Heavy Cotton 100% Cotton T-Shirt / 5000l Gildan? Ladies Heavy Cotton™ 100% Cotton T-Shirt Thank you for choosing Swag! Payment is due upon approval. Payments made online will immediately notify us via email, and clear the order for production. By approving you have verified that all sizing, pricing and products are correct. Client understands that order will be executed EXACTLY as it appears on the invoice. Changes cannot be made after order is placed without risk of delaying the project or incurring added costs. (Christina has preliminary quote)
Pen & Screen Printing Co. www.penandscreen.com Matthew Mirpourian - print@penandscreen.com $6.15, 2xl+ sizes + $1.50 No setup fees Price quoted is for on a promo grade Gildan 50/50 men's and women's; on a nicer Tri-blend Canvas 3413 and women's 8413: $8.90/pc, 2xl+ sizes +$2.10
Ink Brigade www.inkbrigade.com Carrie - carrie@inkbrigade.com $5.20 (mens), $5.35 (womens) We don't charge any screen or set up fees. We also offer free delivery to commercial addresses on orders $250+. $10 for home delivery. Gildan 5000/Gildan 5000: We offer 10% non-profit discounts, if your organization is a non-profit let me know. TURNAROUND TIME: Please note that we are currently looking at a 10-12 business day turnaround time from the time of finalized order, which means that we have final art, shirt size/color/style breakdown, mockups approved and payment received on invoice.
Oregon Screen Impressions www.oregonscreen.com Zane Gunderson - ZaneG@oregonscreen.com $5.62 None (although there is an 'art fee' if they have to edit the logos Gildan 8000 I attached pricing for you on a Gildan 8000 which is a basic shirt, or a better fitting, softer feeling EI-LO 14555 ($6.24) which is a better shirt for not much extra cost. The price includes the various breaks, as well as a two color print + a poly base. Let me know what date you would need these by, but February 9th would not be an issue and I would prefer to get started sooner than later.
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== T-Shirt Logo Submissions (kept for Info:

  • Please submit designs for the Code4Lib 2015 T-shirt.
  • According to the recent poll, black is the preferred color, but we will also offer a dark green shirt (think hunter green) as an alternative.
  • The screen-printers generally prefer vector art files (ai, .cdr, .eps & .pdf). If you need help converting your design, email Christina at cmh2166@columbia.edu.
  • Here are the results from the Code4Lib 2015 Swag poll, if you're interested.

What to do:

  • Post an image file of your print-ready proposal by editing this wiki page. You can host the image yourself or use the Upload file feature of the wiki. If your print-ready document is different from your displayed image, include a link to the print-ready file.
  • Include your name and e-mail address with your proposal.
  • If you want, you can add a line or two of explanatory text, color specifications, etc., which will be included with your design on the Dieboldatron.
  • Place a horizontal rule (----) on a separate line after your submission.

Sample submission

Joe Ouroboros, joe (at) loopback.edu :


This is my awesome design. It'll win one of these years.


Esmé Cowles, <escowles@ucsd.edu>

Becky Yoose, yoosebec at grinnell dot edu
Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the code4lib conference. Simple, yet devious. Like a seemingly harmless peanut butter cookie, but after you take a bite, you notice the Sriracha burn...


  • Chris Beer <chris@cbeer.info>

C4l15-junus copy.png

  • Ranti Junus <ranti.junus@gmail.com>


  • Matt Connolly <mconnolly@cornell.edu>

This design is a word cloud created from the abstracts of the top n talk proposals (as ranked by votes on 11/25/14). If the timing permits, I'll update the design to use the list of accepted proposals. That would create a slightly different layout, but it would be close to what's shown here. (Full-resolution PDF)


  • Lauren Ajamie <lajamie@nd.edu>

This is based on an iconic sign in downtown Portland (this design might require licensing costs, though: http://www.portlandoregon.gov/bibs/article/430664).