2016 Code4Lib Midwest Meeting

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Code4Lib Midwest 2016 Meeting

Mark your calendars -- The University of Chicago Library will host the Code4Lib Midwest 2016 meeting in Chicago, IL.


Code4Lib MidWest meeting will be hosted by The University of Chicago Library.

  • When - July 14 & 15, 2016 (NOTE: date change)
  • Where - Regenstein Library, room 122, 1100 East 57th Street, Chicago. (Map)
  • Who - contact person: Tod Olson ( tod at uchicago.edu )



Chicago is served by Midway Airport (closest to UChicago) and O'Hare International Airport (much further), Amtrak, and bus lines.

Directions to campus:


There are a few hotel options in Hyde Park, including:


The parking garage at 55th St. & Ellis Ave. is an option for visitor parking, at a rate of $25 per day.


Tentative Thursday, July 14th

8:30-9:00: Check-in
9:00-9:15: Welcome and introductory remarks
9:15-12:00: Talks & Break
12:00-1:00: Lunch
1:00-5:00: Talks & Break

Tentative Friday, July 15th

8:30-9:00: Check-in
9:00-12:00: Talks & Break

Technical Details

  • WiFi: Wireless access will be provided, and UChicago is an Eduroam participant

Programming Sign-up

Code4Lib Midwest programming depends on the folks attending the conference. Please consider giving a presentation or lightning talk, or submitting your ideas for a hackfest/workshop.

Share what you are working on! Add your name and a description below. Please also let us know how long you'll need, and whether you prefer Thursday or Friday (or if it doesn't matter)


(If you'd like to propose a workshop, talk to us.)

Talk Title - [Speaker Name]: [Description]

VIAF and Elasticsearch - Ralph LeVan, OCLC Research: I'll give an overview of the technology supporting VIAF and our exercise to switch from our home-grown Pears database loading XML records and move to JSON-based Elasticsearch.

How not to work during a sabbatical - Eric Lease Morgan, University of Notre Dame: I will outline the set of applications/systems I wrote during my (not a) sabbatical. They include text mining tools, image processing & analysis hacks, MARC data enrichment activities, collection management decision-making scripts, etc.

Policies for Data Management -Abigail Goben, UIC: I'll review what might be included in institutional policies and what to think about beyond data security for library data and library research data.

Exploring Born-Digital Data and Format Conversion Strategies with DROID and Plotly - Max Eckard, Bentley Historical Library: I recently dug through about 5 years' worth of born-digital archives processed here at the Bentley. This gave me the opportunity to explore not only our born-digital data--and what it *really* looks like--but also the format conversion strategies we employ as part of our Ingest process.

Wrapping an Image Server in Proxy and Cache Blankets - Graham Hukill, Wayne State University: Serving images can be a digital object repository's bread and butter, but can touch on logistical and policy complexities. By wrapping the Python based "Loris" image server in a homegrown proxy, and caching with Varnish, we've been able to improve our image delivery, while keeping stakeholders happy as well.

Library Gamification in Theory and Practice - Ken Irwin, Wittenberg University: People have been talking for years about bringing gamification ideas into library projects. I will talk about some gamification basics, how I've implemented some of them on one project, and we can discuss other areas in which gamification could be employed.

Architecting Change in Repository Code - Debs Cane, Northwestern University & Avalon Media System: Presentation on how NU & Indiana plans to “breakup” Avalon’s code (streaming A/V repository solution) over the next few months for easier use from outside coders. I'll also discuss why we’ve made the decisions we’ve made; and the choices we need to make in deciding future pathways for Avalon’s technical and community development.

Audio Preservation and Automating Transcription - Megan Kudzia, Michigan State University: I have been working on a project to automate transcription for a digitized audio oral history collection. This talk will cover: how I automated transcription; how I got the finished audio files and transcripts into our Islandora digital repository; problems that I'm still trying to figure out solutions for; and what I learned along the way.

Lightning Talks

Have something cool to share but you don't want to be in front of the room for more than 5 minutes? Lightning talks are for you. Sign up now or at the conference:

VIAF AutoSuggest - Ralph LeVan

Getting Close to Accessible Slideshows - Margaret Heller


Registration is free, though we will cap at 50. List your name, affiliation, and email address here to register for the meeting. If you signed up and are unable to attend please remove your name or contact us, so that we can make room for others.

Contact Ryan Wick (ryanwick@gmail.com) with your preferred username to set up a Code4Lib wiki account, or ask Tod Olson (tod@uchicago.edu) to add your name to this list if you prefer not to set up an account.:

  1. Minhao Jiang - Wayne State (minhao.jiang % wayne.edu)
  2. Margaret Heller - Loyola University Chicago (mheller1@luc.edu)
  3. Eric Lesae Morgan - University of Notre Dame (emorgan@nd.edu)
  4. Jamie Carlstone - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Jdc6@illinois.edu)
  5. Remington Steed - Hekman Library, Calvin College (rjs7@calvin.edu)
  6. Dan Wells - Hekman Library, Calvin College (dbw2@calvin.edu)
  7. Christy Karpinski - Newberry Library - karpinskic@newberry.org
  8. Chris Day - School of the Art Institute - cday2@saic.edu
  9. Carol Bean - beanworks@gmail.com
  10. Ranti Junus - Michigan State University (junus@mail.lib.msu.edu)
  11. Ken Irwin - Wittenberg University (kirwin -AT- wittenberg.edu)
  12. Matt Schultz - Grand Valley State University (schultzm -AT- gvsu.edu)
  13. Graham Hukill - Wayne State University (graham.hukill@wayne.edu)
  14. Ralph LeVan - OCLC Research (levan@oclc.org)
  15. Allan Berry - University of Illinois at Chicago (aberry3@uic.edu)
  16. Vaishnavi Gowrisankar - University of Illinois at Chicago (vgowri2@uic.edu)
  17. Max Eckard - Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan (eckardm@umich.edu)
  18. Abigail Goben - University of Illinois at Chicago (agoben@uic.edu)
  19. Megan Kudzia - Michigan State University (kudzia AT msu.edu)
  20. Kristen Reid - Loyola University of Chicago (kreid8 AT luc.edu)
  21. Adam Strohm - Illinois Institute of Technology (astrohm@iit.edu)
  22. Max King - Illinois Institute of Technology (mking9@iit.edu)
  23. Alice Tippit - Northwestern Unversity (a-tippit@northwestern.edu)
  24. Michael North - Northwestern University (m-north@northwestern.edu)
  25. David Schober - Northwestern University (david.schober@northwestern.edu)
  26. Karen Didrickson - Northwestern University (karen.didrickson@northwestern.edu)
  27. Lisa Gonzalez - Private Academic Library Network of Indiana (lgonzalez@palni.edu)
  28. Christie Thomas - University of Chicago (clthomas@uchicago.edu)
  29. Brendan Quinn - Northwestern University (brendan-quinn at northwestern dot edu)
  30. Shelley Hostetler - Ex Libris (shelleyh@exlibrisgroup.com)
  31. Debs Cane - Northwestern University (deborah.cane@northwestern.edu)