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* Scholarship
* Scholarship
* Social Activities
* Social Activities
* Sponsorship
* Streaming Video
* Streaming Video
* T-Shirt
* T-Shirt

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Code4Lib 2016 Committees

Many hands make for light work.

Hosting a conference is incredibly complex, and it cannot be done without the help of the entire community. If you are interested in being an awesome person and applying your skills to a particular part of the Code4Lib 2016 conference, create an account on this wiki and sign-up for one or more of the groups below (please provide a contact). Each committee must have a Primary Contact (chair), Secondary Contact (co-chair), and Documentarian (secretary). The role of the Documentarian is to transcribe key information to future conference committees, such as timelines, costs, process, etc. Feel free to improve the summary statements for each of the committees. When adding your name, please indicate 'v' if you are a veteran on the committee so that we ensure committees are not made up entirely of newbies.

We will assign a local contact (LPC) to each committee.

Location and Dates

  • Location: TBD, Philadelphia, PA
  • Dates: TBD
    • Pre-conferences -
    • Main meeting -
    • Post conference activities?

Local Planning Committee

This committee is charged with running the show such as overall timeline, budgeting, coordinating of locations and logistics, wrangler of committees, and communicating with the community.

  • David Lacy (Villanova) - Primary Contact (v)
  • Chad Nelson - Secondary Contact (v)
  • Anna Headley (Chemical Heritage Foundation) - Documentarian (v)
  • Shaun Ellis (Princeton) (v)
  • Katherine Lynch (Temple) (v)
  • Stephen Ng (Temple)
  • Brett Bonfield (Collingswood Public)
  • Lauren Gala (UPenn)
  • David Uspal (Villanova) (v)
  • Chris Clement (Drexel)

Website Working Group

This group will focus on content strategy (in collaboration with the Documentation Committee) and feature implementations to improve the overall user experience for users (i.e., on-site and remote attendees, speakers, potential sponsors, post-conference users).

Website Working Group Documents

Sponsorship Committee

This group will focus on making sure all who want to support the conference have the opportunity to do so. Sponsorship Committee work involves working with the LPC to close budget gaps and talking to potential sponsors to fight the level that is right for them.

  • Shaun Ellis (Princeton) (v)
  • David Uspal (Villanova) - LPC Contact (v)

Additional Committees... Coming Soon!

  • Book Give-Away
  • Childcare
  • Keynote
  • Onsite Volunteer
  • Preconference
  • Program
  • Scholarship
  • Social Activities
  • Streaming Video
  • T-Shirt
  • Voting
  • Whatever
  • Wifi/Electrical
  • IRC
  • Reception?