2016 Video Recording & Streaming

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Previous years: 2014, 2015

Streaming channel: Code4Lib - YouTube

  • Using YouTube Live Events
    • Footage will be archived here
    • Other Footage can be posted here

Video sources;

  • Presentation computer, via Wirecast Desktop Presenter software;
    • This will be installed on the presentation computer, if any, and be provided to presenters using their own machines on a USB key. It is also available for download from the Wirecast site.
    • Presenters must install the software before presenting.
    • Mac and Windows only.
  • Camera and encoder for anything we can't capture through the podium computer.

Audio source:

  • Audio system feed to the encoding computer via cable terminated with XLR3 connector (one channel, mono is fine).

Encoding computer:

  • MacBook Pro
    • Encoding/Streaming: Wirecast for Youtube (5.0.2)

Other equipment:

Equipment Needs and Sources
Item Model Connection / Port / Standard Source Notes
Encoder Macbook Pro Ashley
Camera on speaker Panasonic HC-V110 HDMI Peter
Camera on screen Panasonic SDR-S50 RCA analog Peter
HDMI to Thunderbolt Blackmagic Extreme Cary via Peter
Tripod Peter