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Code4Lib 2017 Conference Volunteers

Call for volunteers during the actual conference, as opposed to the conference planning committees.

Concierge/Local Guides

Available after sessions to direct people to evening activities and local points of interest, etc.

If you're local to the Los Angeles area (or know it very well), you can pick up a white "LOCAL" ribbon at check-in. Conference hosts will direct attendees to seek out Local Guides for directions, restaurant recommendations, etc.

Conference Logistics

Sets up registration table, signage and welcome packets, ensures proper power availability to conference attendees, etc.

Monday 3/6:

Tuesday 3/7:

Duty Officers

  • Becky Yoose
  • Galen Charlton
  • Kate Deibel
  • Mark Matienzo
  • Whitni Watkins
  • Matt Zumwalt

Preconference Setup & Sessions

Help manage preconference sessions, setting up projectors, etc.

Preconference Setup Monday 3/6:

  • 8a-9:30a: 6 UCLA
  • 12:30p-2p: 6 UCLA

Preconference Sessions Monday 3/6:

  • 11:45a-12:15p at Powell: Your Name Here
  • 11:45a-12:15p at Young: Maggie Hughes
  • 11:45a-12:15p at Science & Engineering Library: Your Name Here
  • 4:15p-4:45p at Powell: Your Name Here
  • 4:15p-4:45p at Young: Kim Pham
  • 4:15p-4:45p at Science & Engineering Library: Maggie Hughes, Your Name Here

Social Events

Help manage the craft brew and game night, solve any problems that pop-up, have fun, etc.

Wednesday 3/8:

Social Networking

Answering general questions on Twitter, IRC, and Slack and passing questions to the Mic-minders.

Tuesday 3/7:

  • 8a-12p: Your Name Here
  • 1p-5p: Your Name Here

Wednesday 3/8:

Thursday 3/9:

  • 8a-12p: Your Name Here


Ask questions on mic on behalf of community (because of distance, mic aversion, etc)

Tuesday 3/7:

Wednesday 3/8:

Thursday 3/9:

Livestream Assistants (Onsite)

Livestream assitants will help the livestream technicians in the presentation room, troubleshooting video and audio connections at the podium, and monitoring the encoding computer. Two people are needed for each shift. You are welcome to sign up for multiple shifts!

Tuesday 3/7:

  • 12:30p-5p: Kathleen Haley (but willing to step aside if somebody would like a shift)
  • 12:30p-5p: Your Name Here

Wednesday 3/8:

Thursday 3/9:

Livestream QA (Remote)

Volunteers for livestream QA will be remotely watching the conference and can notify us if there are any issues with the feed. We'd prefer two or three volunteers per shift, located in different parts of the US/world. All times below are Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Tuesday 3/7:

Wednesday 3/8:

  • 9a-12p: Your Name Here (East); Your Name Here (Midwest); Josh Hutchinson (West)
  • 1p-5p: Your Name Here (East); Samuel Willis (Midwest); Your Name Here (West)

Thursday 3/9:

  • 9a-12p: Your Name Here (East); Your Name Here (Midwest); Your Name Here (West)

IRC/Slack (Technical)

Access: Look into technology/procedures to make connecting to, and maintaining a connection to, IRC/Slack less painful. i.e. make sure wifi will allow connection, and someone needs to contact freenode about the sudden influx of people.

Helper: Demonstrate how to get onto #code4lib during Registration. Offer support for newcomers in #code4lib during the conference.


Tuesday 3/7

  • AM: Becky, who shall continue her reign as Destroyer of Names.
  • PM: Roy Tennant, who studies at the feet of the Destroyer of Names.

Wednesday 3/8

  • AM: Dre, but feel free to boot me if someone desperately wants to MC and slots are full.
  • PM1:
  • PM2: Eric Hellman, who will ask about HTTPS.

Thursday 3/9

Session Timers

People who volunteer to sit up front, keep time (and bring timer equipment - i.e. a laptop or tablet with a stopwatch program). It's good to have two people in each slot to back each other up in case of machinery failure.

Tuesday AM

Tuesday PM

Wednesday AM

Wednesday PM

Thursday AM

The Whatever Crew

Volunteers who are willing to help with various tasks as needed during the conference.