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2018 Keynote Committee

This group will: gather nominations from Code4Lib community; contact nominees to confirm their willingness and availability; collect bios from the available nominees and add them to the Diebold-o-Tron; support the voting process; work with the community's top nominees to schedule their keynotes; and collaborate with other committees and the community to ensure everything is communicated appropriately and logistical matters are given suitable attention.

Committee Members

  • Your Name Here - Primary Contact aka Chair
  • Carl Leak, George Mason University - Secondary Contact aka Co-Chair
  • Kate Dohe, University of Maryland Libraries - Local Planning Contact
  • Peggy Griesinger, George Mason University - Local Planning Contact
  • Your Name Here - Documentarian
  • Maurini Strub, University of Louisville - Volunteer
  • Elizabeth Peele Mumpower, Emory University - Volunteer
  • Craig Boman, Miami University Libraries - Volunteer

Related Info

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, August 29th, kick-off meeting:


Minute notes:

Additional Documentation