2018 Presentation Voting Results

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Every year, the Code4Lib community votes on proposals that they would like to see included in the program. The top 10 proposals are guaranteed a slot at the conference. For all other slots, the Program Committee curates the remainder of presentations in an effort to ensure diversity and quality using the following criteria:

  • Favor first time presenters
  • No duplicate presenters
  • Diversity of presenters by gender, ethnicity, institution, type of institution
  • Diversity of topics/content
  • Presentations still generally well voted/received by community

Those who proposed a talk but were not selected are highly encouraged to do a lightning talk during the conference. Lightning talks are first come first serve sign up during the conference.

Rank Score Accepted Title Speakers
1 435 Top 10 From problems to solutions: A case study in building the right thing Hank Sway
2 411 Top 10 Beyond Keywords: Making Search Better Giovanni Fernandez-Kincade
3 400 Top 10 Systems thinking: a practical field guide Andreas Orphanides
4 378 Top 10 Big Data In Libraries: Creating An Analytics Hub To Reveal Patterns, Trends, And Associations In Your Library Joel Shields
5 377 Top 10 Data Analytics and Patron Privacy in Libraries: A Balancing Act Becky Yoose
6 374 Top 10 Stay JSON Schemin’: An open-source metadata validation workflow for large-scale media preservation projects Genevieve Havemeyer-King and Nick Krabbenhoeft
7 372 Top 10 Airing our Dirty Laundry: Digital Preservation Gaps and How We're Fixing Them Naomi Dushay and John Martin
8 370 Top 10 APIs at the Core: How FOLIO Wants to Engage You In Creating New Library Services Peter Murray
9 368 Top 10 One step at a time: Laying the groundwork for Linked Data with URIs Sonoe Nakasone and Dawn Pearce
10 362 Top 10 Beyond Open Data Shawn Averkamp, Ashley Blewer, and Matt Miller
10 362 Top 10 Use vs. Reuse: Assessing the value of our digital collections Liz Woolcott, Ayla Stein, and Elizabeth Kelly
10 362 Top 10 Using a large metadata aggregation to improve data reconciliation Jeff Mixter and Bruce Washburn
11 360 Massively Responsive Web Design Walt Gurley and Markus Wust
12 351 Yes Python for Data Transformation Jason Clingerman
12 351 Schema-now or Schema-later -- the Myth of Unstructured Data Steve Mardenfeld
13 346 DevOps for Library Operations & Systems Elizabeth Mumpower
14 343 Sunsetting: Strategies for Portfolio Management and Decommissioning Projects Jason Ronallo and Bret Davidson
15 340 Yes Pycallnumber! For Tricky Call Numbers Jason Thomale
16 338 Algorithms and Democracy /Coding for Freedom John Hessler
16 338 Yes Deep Learning for Libraries Lauren Di Monte and Nilesh Patil
17 337 Essentialism and Digital Preservation: A Lightweight Solution for Digital Asset Management Brian Dietz and Todd Stoffer
18 336 Yes Save Homestar Runner!: Preserving Flash on the Web Jacob Zaborowski
19 333 Yes For Beginners -- No Experience Necessary Julie C. Swierczek
20 331 Yes Deep Learning and Historical Collections John Hessler
20 331 How does Search work, anyhow? Giovanni Fernandez-Kincade
20 331 Ten Ways to Improve EZproxy Security Paul R Butler
21 330 Leveling Up in LibTech Administration and Non-Administration Paths For Your LibTech Career Becky Yoose
22 329 Open Access Button: Putting OA into Interlibrary Loan Joseph McArthur
23 324 Yes Advances in Data Mining and Machine Learning for Chat Sentiment and Library Account-Based Recommendations Jim Hahn and David Ward
23 324 Yes Dealing with Technical Debt a Point-of-View: DevOps and Managerial Whitni Watkins and Kenneth Rose
23 324 The Future is Serverless, Codeless, Drag And Drop Blake Carver
24 322 Yes Building a cloud platform using AWS for data analysis of Digital Library Yinlin Chen
25 318 Better Interviewing and Onboarding: What we've done to improve our interview process and to make it easier for new hires to integrate into our teams Johnathan Martin
26 316 Make Your Library an Open Data Superstar Jim Craner
27 315 Coding with Only Your Browser Terry Brady
28 313 Yes Web Archiving and You / Web Archiving and Us Amy Wickner
29 308 Tele like it is: making a case for telecommuting Kelsey George
30 307 Non-Descriptive Metadata in RDF Ben Pennell and Sonoe Nakasone
31 306 Yes Don't Get MADS About It Bleakley McDowell, Crystal Sanchez, and Walter Forsberg
31 306 Yes Low Tech Approach to Beginning a Redesign Sarah Branham
32 305 Cryptography 101 Minhao Jiang
33 304 Yes Auditing algorithms in commercial discovery tools Matthew Reidsma
33 304 Jitterbug into my brain: something's bugging me, and it's AV Erica Titkemeyer and Andrew Shirk
34 302 Free metadata from Crossref Patricia Feeney
34 302 Yes Low-Cost Preservation Environment Monitoring with the Raspberry Pi Monica Maceli
35 301 The Authority Decentralization of Blockchains and How it Applies to Libraries. David Kinzer
36 298 Yes From Wikidata to Scholia: creating structured linked data to generate scholarly profiles Mairelys Lemus-Rojas and Jere Odell
36 298 The ad hoc technologist: Personal competencies and professional responsibilities Gesina A. Phillips
37 297 Bonding with Project Electron: Building a Born-Digital Records Transfer App Together Hannah Sistrunk, Darnell Lynch, and Kavitha Kothur
37 297 Freaky Fast : How PhoneGap Made it Easy to Create a Mobile App on iOS and Android Karen Coombs
37 297 HOOT + ELF + FOLIO = Awesome Borrowing Experience for Consumer Electronics Nathan Ryckman and Jim Hahn
38 296 The Best Pick-up Line Ever: How to Mine Your Line-Oriented Files to Better Understand Your Customers Ralph LeVan
39 295 OSSArcFlow: Modeling Digital Curation Workflows for Born Digital Content Jessica Meyerson and Kelly Stewart
39 295 Web Archiving Interoperability Jillian Lohndorf
40 289 Building an LDA topic model using Wikipedia Sharon Garewal and Ronald Snyder
40 289 Head in the cloud, or feet on the ground? Making preservation hardware platform choices. Sheila Morrissey
41 288 Information extraction techniques for knowledge graph development Corey Harper
41 288 Publishing from your Online Git Repository Terry Brady
41 288 Scaling EaaS – An Introduction Seth Anderson and Jessica Meyerson
42 285 Automate Library Applications with Google Apps Script Terry Brady
42 285 Old stuff, new schtick: using JIRA to manage archives workflows Maggie Hughes, Joseph Orellana, and Shira Peltzman
43 284 Code4Bib[liometrics] Christina K. Pikas and Nancy Faget
44 282 Librarian, Coder, Teacher: Developing a New-to-Programming Undergraduate Courses Jason T. Mickel, Ph.D.
44 282 Your Forms Can Just Be Made Better Minhao Jiang
45 280 900 of us are maintaining a 3,400 item dataset on GitHub Eric Hellman
46 278 LOCKSS System Re-Architecture Thib Guicherd-Callin
47 276 Digitizing Arabic-language Scholarly Content: An Investigation (JSTOR) Matthew Loy and Anne Ray
48 275 Accessibility and eBooks: What Librarians Should Know and How they can Serve their Users Emma Waecker
49 273 An Open Science Framework for Solving Institutional Research Challenges: Supporting the Institutional Research Mission and the Full Project Lifecycle Matt Spitzer
49 273 Mapping the Research Landscape with Bibliometric Tools Amy Trost
50 271 So you want to migrate your data from DSpace to Hyrax? Here’s our approach! Josh Gum and Hui Zhang
51 262 Creating Persistent Links for ARKival Resources Meredith Hale
52 261 A Google Apps Script Story Sonoe Nakasone
53 260 Av.Preservation.With.Open.Formats.S13E01.FFV1[cellar].mkv Dave Rice
53 260 Hold the soup! Using XPath within the Python lxml module Elizabeth Wickes
54 259 GIVE BACK! Yes, your code is already good enough! Hardy Pottinger
55 257 Detecting Anomalous Usage Activity for JSTOR to Support Library Decision Making Devin O'Hara
55 257 LOCKSS Plugin Architecture Thib Guicherd-Callin
56 255 Databases for Days Sonoe Nakasone
57 252 Gamification of Library Orientation and Instruction Plamen Miltenoff and Mark Gill
57 252 Tree Diagram in D3.js Minhao Jiang
58 244 Code4Lib Proposal Framing the Museum GitHub Repository L. Kelly Fitzpatrick
59 243 Avro 101: Overview and Implications for Metadata Processing Cole Hudson and Graham Hukill
60 241 Open Social Tagging in TagTeam L. Kelly Fitzpatrick
61 240 Using Elastic Search with Kibana for a Technology Watch Portal Nancy Faget and Christina K. Pikas
62 238 Clojure Super Powers David Kinzer
63 236 Collaboratively building the Digital Inclusion Resource Library Ara Kim, Magera Holton, and Matthew Kopel
64 229 Building ScholarsDB: Re-envisioning a Simple Faculty Publications Database Jason T. Mickel, Ph.D.
65 225 Configuring Public Knowledge Project's Open Conference Systems for Digital Scholarship Matthew Treskon
66 224 Is it safe? Is it secret Francis Kayiwa
67 213 Are You a “Solo” Librarian Working on Cutting-Edge Technology? Minhao Jiang
67 213 Easter Fool's Day, or, the Chocolate Carrot on a Stick Ian Walls
68 160 Automating ExLibris Voyager Circulation Notifications Bruce Orcutt