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Welcome to your first Code4Lib Conference! This guide aims to help you get the most out of your conference experience! If there is anything else you wonder about that isn’t in the guide, please let us know: code4libaward@gmail.com

What to bring

Comfortable shoes. Conference rooms are clustered together in the hotel but there may be significant walking involved in getting lunch or dinner, taking public transportation, etc.

Layers. The conference hotel tends to be quite warm, while D.C. is very cold in February. Bring layers to be comfortable during travel and conference sessions, and while exploring the hotel and neighborhood.

Tote or backpack. Code4Lib is not a swag-heavy event, but a name tag, lanyard, and t-shirt are included with registration. Bringing a bag will help accommodate these items, as well as any free stickers etc. picked up along the way.

Chargers and travel outlet. Outlets in the hotel and session rooms may be limited, and most attendees will be using mobile devices of some kind. Consider bringing a small travel outlet or power strip if you need to charge multiple devices at once.

Snacks and a water bottle. Lunch is provided; breakfast and dinner are not. We mistakenly indicated in a previous email that breakfast would be provided. Conference organizers provide food and beverages during breaks, and make an effort to accommodate a range of dietary needs and preferences. However, you may also wish to bring or pick up additional snacks from a nearby grocery store to help sustain energy throughout the day. The conference hotel is very warm; a water bottle will help offset any dehydration.

Travel mug. Coffee, tea, and hot water are available during conference breaks. Bring a travel mug if you’d like to bring beverages into the main session and breakout rooms, and want to avoid using paper cups.

At the conference

Conference venue. Here's a floor plan of the Omni Shoreham Hotel (main venue): https://www.omnihotels.com/-/media/images/hotels/wassho/meetings/floorplans/washington-dc-shoreham-spec-floor-plans.pdf Locations and specific rooms for preconference sessions will be linked from the Preconference Workshops page shortly: https://2018.code4lib.org/workshops/

Registration. Upon entering the Omni Shoreham Hotel, follow signs to the Code4Lib registration table. You’ll receive a name tag and conference t-shirt (if requested during registration) and your choice of lanyard. Lanyard color indicates whether other conference-goers and organizers have permission to take your photo: red means no, yellow means ask permission, and green means yes.

Conference format. Code4Lib is a single-track conference, which means that all attendees occupy the same room for the keynote addresses and presentations. When choosing a seat, consider which locations will allow you to see the screen(s), be in or out of range of livestream cameras as desired, move in and out of the room as needed, and otherwise be comfortable.

Q&A. Time for questions and answers is available at the end of each keynote or presentation “group,” rather than between presentations. Runners will come to you with a microphone if you raise your hand to ask a question - please use the mic! Conference organizers will also monitor the code4lib Slack channel, IRC, and #c4l18 hashtag on Twitter for questions that they will then relay to speakers.

Lightning talks & breakout sessions. If interested, you’ll have a chance to sign up to give a lightning talk on each day of the conference, and/or to facilitate breakout sessions on Days 1 and 2. Lightning talks are 5-minute presentations and breakout sessions are 55-minute group discussions and/or workshops, both on topics of your choice. The conference MC will announce when sign-up sheets are available adjacent to the main conference room. See examples of lightning talk topics from the 2016 conference here: https://wiki.code4lib.org/2016_Lightning_Talks

Poster session. In addition to presentations and breakouts, an interactive poster session will take place in the foyer of the Regency Ballroom on Day 2 (3-3:35pm).

Scheduling your day. Code4Lib offers 3-4 full days of activity, including post-conference social events. 5- and 15-minute breaks are built in throughout the schedule, but it’s completely okay to step out of or skip sessions if you need a longer break. The hotel is located in a walkable neighborhood, and you can also take advantage of quiet rooms (https://2018.code4lib.org/general-info/accessibility#quietroom) and other spaces throughout the hotel.

Buddy program. If you’re participating in the buddy program, your buddy is a great resource for navigating the conference, including answering questions about session topics and meeting presenters and others in the Code4Lib community. Feel free to check in with your buddy if you have a question, moment to think, or a helpful suggestion!

Locals. Conference attendees who live in or know the D.C. area and are willing to help with directions and recommendations will have white LOCAL ribbons attached to their name tags.

Volunteers and volunteering. Code4Lib is an entirely volunteer-run organization and event, so many of the people you interact with at the conference will be working in that capacity, including some first-timers. There may be hiccups, but we do our best to answer questions and support conference participants’ needs, and are open to feedback. And, if you have any interest in going behind the scenes, the Onsite Volunteer Committee is currently recruiting folks to help with small tasks throughout the conference week. See this page for more information about onsite volunteers and volunteering: https://wiki.code4lib.org/2018_Conference_Volunteers

Accessibility. If you need assistance at any point in the Omni Shoreham Hotel, please contact a duty officer (https://2018.code4lib.org/conduct/#officers) or inquire at the conference registration table. Additional support will be available at DC Public Library branches during preconference sessions, and via Capitol police and Library of Congress staff during the reception. We'll add details here as they become available. You can reach the Accessibility Committee with any questions at code4lib.accessibility@gmail.com. The Department of Justice toll-free ADA Information Line provides information and materials to the public about the requirements of the ADA: https://www.ada.gov/infoline.htm

Conduct and safety. Become familiar with the guidelines and resources listed on this page: https://2018.code4lib.org/conduct/ They include: the community code of conduct, emergency resources, photography policy, and how to contact Duty Officers. These volunteers are available to provide support for anyone who has been harassed, threatened, abused, or feels the CodeOfConduct4Lib has been violated during the conference.

Group activities (all optional)

Orientation. Members of the Scholarship Committee will be in the lobby of the Omni Shoreham Hotel for a brief meet-up on Monday, February 12, at 8pm. Come say hi! We’re excited to meet you and will be happy to answer any last-minute questions.

Newcomer dinner. The Newcomer Dinners are group dinners of up to six people, geared for Code4Lib rookies and (slightly) more veteran members of the community to meet one another. They are scheduled for Tuesday, February 13 (pre-conference day). See this page for more information and to sign up in advance: https://2018.code4lib.org/general-info/venues/#dinner

Scholarship recipients acknowledgement. The conference MC will read out the names of scholarship awardees during afternoon announcements on Day 1 of the conference (Wednesday, February 14), to thundering applause. Please stand and be recognized if you’re comfortable doing so!

Group lunch. Scholarship awardees, buddies, and members of the Scholarship Committee are all invited to get together at lunch on Day 2 of the conference (Thursday, February 15). We’ll meet outside the main conference room at noon to walk over. Consider it a chance to check in about how the conference is going so far, and reflect on the week.

Social activities. The Social Activities Committee has posted a number of social activities on this page: https://wiki.code4lib.org/2018_Social_Activities They take place throughout the conference week at venues across D.C. Public transit, rideshare, or cabs are required to travel to and from these venues.